Wooden Bed Frames without a Headboard

Bed frame without a headboard

The variety of appearances of wooden bed frames come in is something our customers love. Some of our bed frames are without a headboard, and it’s this exclusion which makes them perfect for loft or attic rooms due to the small amount of floor space they take up.

Our Japanese Style Bed Frame

One choice well loved is our Japanese Platform Storage Bed (No Headboard); the ultimate space-saving choice. With no headboard and plenty of space underneath for storage boxes, this handmade bed frame is an incredibly space-efficient design. A clutter-free approach to the bedroom makes it feel more spacious and create a nice, calming atmosphere.

Low Loft Bed

Low Bed Frames Without a Headboard

We have a large collection of different designed bed frames. If you are looking for a low bed without a headboard, our Low Loft Bed (Space Saver) is the ultimate space saving solution. Sitting incredibly close to the ground, it doesn’t take up much space, making is great for loft or attic conversions. The Low Loft Bed (Space-Saving) would also work in a master bedroom for a more spacious approach.

Buy a bed frame without a headboard

Why Buy a Bed Frame Without a Headboard

A headboard for many is an aesthetic piece of the bed frame. However, they’re certainly not essential to the bed frame. Bed frames which exclude the headboard are great for those looking to make the bedroom feel more spacious. A bed frame without a headboard allows it to fit into small spaces, such as rooms with a lower ceiling where placing other beds would be a struggle.

We also use traditional techniques in our construction, to ensure a quality finish. These methods include mortise and tenon joints, a type of joint which is tried, tested and incredibly strong. All our beds come with an 11-year guarantee and are made from 100% solid wood.

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