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Luxury 5000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our Luxury mattress features an impressive 5000 individually encased springs, meticulously designed to provide you with unparalleled support and the utmost in luxurious comfort. The surface is lavishly adorned with the finest viscose fabric, ensuring a truly indulgent night's sleep that transcends ordinary slumber. Featuring natural fillings with various layers of comfortcreate the ultimate sleeping surface. The luxury truly is fit for royalty with its throne of comfort.

Available in medium or firm, in a large range of sizes - from single to super king and with an attractive 7-year warranty, this mattress is made to give you luxury that lasts.

Featuring breathable vents to ensure your mattress stays fresh and side stitching to provide edge support, maintain alignment of internal components, enhance mattress durability, and facilitate turning and rotating.

Make every night one of luxury and order your new mattress today!


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Features What makes our Mattress so unique ?

5000 springs

The luxury mattress benefits from 5,000 springs, which provides exceptional comfort for a luxurious sleeping experience.


7 year warranty

All our mattresses are built to last, but to give you further peace of mind we include in the purchase of this mattress a 7 year warranty.



High specification mattresses, particularly with natural fillings usually have air vents to ensure there is airflow within. This helps keep the fillings fresh whilst helping expel odours.



A traditional mattress design has tufts to ensure the internal layering stays fixed with body movement. Some mattresses don't require this because they use different types of fillings.


Helpful Handles

If you've ever had to move a mattress (especially a premium one) you will know how difficult it can be. Handles make the physical challenge a little easier, but you'll need some muscles.


Viscose Fabric

Finished in a silky and luxuriously smooth viscose fabric, this mattress exudes an air of regal elegance, delivering a truly stunning finish.

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