Bali Outdoor Weatherproof Mattress


Bali Outdoor Weatherproof Mattress

With the release of the Bali Outdoor Bed collection, there became a need for a mattress to match the standard. This is where our Bali Waterproof Mattress comes in - it's durable, fade resistant, saline and chlorine durable, stain resistant and can be washed by hand. Made out of 100% solution- dyed acrylic and available in the colours cool Polar or subtle Silver, the Waterproof mattress has everything it needs to protect the Bali Outdoor Beds from unnecessary damage, wear and tear.

The waterproof mattress is comfortable, despite its hard-wearing nature. Its smooth surface contributes to the springy softness of the memory foam inside, providing a soothing, relaxed experience. The main purpose of this, however, is to provide a protective layer that will give the mattress the majority of its waterproof capabilities.

Our waterproof mattress has a glimmering, metal-like texture and shine to it. It's a quality, robust product so we're happy to offer every customer that gets one a 1 year guarantee, as reassurance of our dedication to providing reliable products and service. Our aim with the Bali Waterproof Mattress is to provide a comfortable place to relax, that protects the range of Bali Outdoor Beds while still working as a stylish element whatever setting it’s in. With all of its resistant and resilient properties and 1 year guarantee it’s guaranteed to improve the Bali Outdoor Bed experience. The Bali Outdoor Mattress is 14cm deep.

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