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The Caesar Bed

The Caesar Bed
Chrome (Fabric) Finish
Mattress Not Included
The Caesar Bed
The Caesar Bed
The Caesar Bed

The Caesar Bed


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This aesthetically pleasing upholstered bed frame is just one of many recent additions to our range of fabricated handmade beds. The headboard of the caesar bed is slightly smaller than that on the Canterbury Bed, which means that the Caesar Bed is better suited to bedrooms

 with a smaller ceiling height. We consistently create high quality and stylish designs that our customers love. With our handmade Caesar Bed, our skilled and experienced carpenters have gone above and beyond in creating a luxurious and stylish upholstered bed frame, perfect for any bedroom.
What Makes The Caesar Bed Bed Unique
The upholstered Caesar Bed maintains a modern, sleek and traditional appearance. The Caesar Bed frame features a high headboard, providing maximum comfort and support, particularly to those who like to watch TV or read a book in bed. The robust structure of our upholstered bed frames enables us to offer an 11 year structural guarantee with all of our handmade beds, and the Caesar Bed is no exception. The bed is wrapped in a strong fabric, with a cotton-like feel, the fabric is durable and will stand the test of time. As standard, we use mortise and tenon joints in the construction of all our bed frames, and this adds to the solid structure of the bed itself.
Please note that mattresses and bedding are not included with the bed frame. These can be purchased separately


Bed Size
2ft 6" Small Single
3ft Single
3ft 6" Petite Double
4ft Small Double
4ft 6" Standard Double
5ft King Size
5ft 6" Small Super King
6ft Super King
6ft 6" Eastern King
7ft Emperor
7ft 6" Super Emperor
8ft Caesar
9ft Super Caesar
EU Single 90 x 200cm
EU Double 140 x 200cm
EU King 160 x 200cm
EU Super King 180 x 200cm
Mattress Size
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 6" x6ft 3" 76cmx190cm
3ftx6ft 3"92cmx190cm
3ft 6"x6ft 3"106cmx190cm
4ftx6ft 3"123cmx190cm
4ft 6"x6ft 3"138cmx190cm
5ftx6ft 6"153cmx198cm
5ft 6"x6ft 6"171cmx198cm
6ftx6ft 6"183cmx198cm
6ft 6"x6ft 6"198cmx198cm
7ft 6"x7ft230cmx213cm
3ftx6ft 6"90cmx200cm
4ft 6"x6ft 6"140cmx200cm
5ft 2"x6ft 6"160cmx200cm
5ft 9"x6ft 6"180cmx200cm
Bed Frame
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 6"x6ft 5"80cm x197cm
3ft 1"x6ft 5"95cm x197cm
3ft 6"x6ft 5"110cm x197cm
4ft 2"x6ft 5"127cm x197cm
4ft 7"x6ft 5"142cm x197cm
5ft 2"x6ft 8"157cm x207cm
5ft 7"x6ft 8"175cm x207cm
6ft 1"x6ft 8"187cm x207cm
6ft 7"x6ft 8"203cm x207cm
7ft 2"x7ft 3"219cm x222cm
7ft 7"x7ft 3"234cm x222cm
8ft 2"x7ft 3"249cm x222cm
9ft 2"x7ft 3"279cm x222cm
3ft 1"x6ft 8"95cm x207cm
4ft 8"x6ft 8"145cm x207cm
5ft 4"x6ft 8"165cm x207cm
6ft 1"x6ft 8"185cm x207cm
Bed Frame Sizes
Small Single Mattress Size: 2ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 76cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 83cm (W) x 211cm (L)
Single Mattress Size: 3ft (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 91cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 98cm (W) x 211cm (L)
Petite Double Mattress Size: 3ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 106cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 113cm (W) x 211cm (L)
Small Double Mattress Size: 4ft (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 123cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 130cm (W) x 211cm (L)
Standard Double Mattress Size: 4ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 138cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 145cm (W) x 211cm (L)
King Size Mattress Size: 5ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 153cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 160cm (W) x 219cm (L)
Small Super King Mattress Size: 5ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 171cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 178cm (W) x 219cm (L)
Super King Mattress Size: 6ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 183cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 190cm (W) x 219cm (L)
Eastern King Mattress Size: 6ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 199cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 206cm (W) x 219cm (L)
Emperor Mattress Size: 7ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 215cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 222cm (W) x 234cm (L)
Super Emperor Mattress Size: 7ft 6" (W) x 7ft (L) < > 230cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 237cm (W) x 234cm (L)
Caesar Mattress Size: 8ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 245cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 252cm (W) x 239cm (L)
Super Caesar Mattress Size: 9ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 275cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 282cm (W) x 234cm (L)
EU - IKEA Single Mattress Size: 3ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 91cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 98cm (W) x 221cm (L)
EU - IKEA Double Mattress Size: 4ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 141cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 148cm (W) x 221cm (L)
EU - IKEA King Mattress Size: 5ft 2" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 161cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 168cm (W) x 221cm (L)
EU - IKEA Super King Mattress Size: 6ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 181cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 188cm (W) x 221cm (L)
Bespoke/Custom Sizes
Bespoke/Custom Sizes Custom sizes are available as all bed frames are handmade to order. For most alterations add £55* onto the nearest standard size and design.

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