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Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress

Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Warm White (Satin) | Pocket 1000 Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress
Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress

Low Tokyo Bed + Mattress


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The elegant Low Tokyo (Space Saver) with its space efficient design and contemporary appearance, has the perfect complimentary partner - Pocket 1000 Mattress. Both items are a great combination to create a stunning feature in your master bedroom, while providing the utmost comfort you can expect from 1000 pocket springs in our tried and tested mattress. If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom and nights rest, look no further than this great combination of a stunning bed frame and our renowned mattress.
The Pocket 1000 Mattress
Using pocket sprung technology, the pocket 1000 mattress will contour your body for the utmost comfort. These individually wrapped springs are the perfect way of achieving the perfect night's sleep. The Pocket 1000 Mattress features soft knit fabric, which is soft to the touch and also durable to avoid tears. The materials used are also hypno allergenic, which means allergy sufferers can use this mattress without suffering with a disturbed nights sleep.
Learn even more about our comfy Pocket 1000 Mattress on its product page. Including more details on the 1000 supportive springs, natural fillings and hand tufted cotton fabric, that provides the perfect night's sleep.
Discover More Of The Low Tokyo (Space Saver)
Your Low Tokyo Bed (Space Saver) will be carefully handmade using methods passed down through the generations and is available in a collection of stunning finishes including honey-satin statin, our beautiful elegant white and sleek black. For those for wish to match their existing bedroom furniture, we have solid hardwoods available, including Oak and Walnut, all of which offer a incredibly aesthetically pleasing finish. A small headboard, low height and being part of our space saver range allows the Low Tokyo Bed (Space Saver) to be placed almost anywhere in the home, including those awkward spaces which can be so difficult to find a bed frame for. Discover more about our Low Tokyo Bed (Space Saver)
Our Top Customer Favourite Mattress
With 1000 pocket springs to spread your weight evenly across the 30cm thick supportive padding, the layers had been selected to ensure they provide a high level of comfort while being firm to support your back. The Pocket 1000 Mattress is hand tufted and made in Britain using tried and tested techniques for a long lasting mattress. The 1000 individually wrapped springs helps to reduce the transfer of movement for the perfect nights sleep. 
We offer an 11 guarantee on the bed and a 5 year guarantee with the mattress. Please note: Bedding is not include. This can be purchased separately. 

Low Tokyo Wooden Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions


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