Space Saver Bed Frames

Our collection of small bed frames help make the most out of your space

A Space Saving Design

Create more space in the bedroom without settling for a smaller mattress

Our ‘space saving’ beds are expertly designed so that the mattress rests on top of the bed frame side panels, rather than within. This provides extra space within your bedroom by making the frame narrow and creating a minimalist appearance, while maintaining compatibility with standard sized mattresses. There’s more you can do with a space saver, so read on to learn more.


Same Style, Compact Design

Learn More How Space Saver Beds Make The Most Of Your Bedroom Space

Why Choose a Space Saver Bed?

The perfect fit in restrictive & awkward bedrooms

Our Space Saver Beds are the go to choice for those looking to get a bed in a small room or into restrictive and awkward spaces. Without downgrading your mattress size. Loft, attic and guest bedrooms come to mind! Providing you the best of both worlds.

How Much Space Will I Save?

Let's get technical - how you will save up to 12cm

Space is saved by condensing the frame and matching the edge to edge size of the mattress. This makes the frame and mattress size roughly the same. This reduces the width by up to 8cm and length by 12cm compared to their counterpart. This may not seem a lot, but in a room short on space it really does make a difference! There is size charts at the bottom of each bed for the exact measurements.

Keep That Mattress!

Space saver bed frames are compatible with standard sized mattresses

Thanks to the clever design of our space saver beds, you don’t have to compromise on your mattress size. All our space savers are standard sized beds, meaning you don't have to settle for a smaller custom size. However, the option to do this is available if you need it. For example, simply select “Petite Double” size bed frame along with a “Petite Double” mattress in our range to get the perfect space saving combination.

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Place Two Together for Extra Room

Easily combine beds together for a larger bed size

With the bed and mattress being flush with our space saver beds, it allows two to be pushed together. This is an efficient option for guest bedrooms as you can quickly switch between to smaller beds or one larger depending on the guests coming over to stay.


Handmade To Last

Space Saver Bed Frames Are made to last and provide exceptional support for you and your mattress

Superior Solid Slats

Solid Foundation And Supportive Structure

Our space saver beds have high structural integrity. The foundation and raised slats on our Space Saver Beds are 2x thicker and wider than the industry standard. This ensures a supportive surface that lasts for generations and fully supports your mattress. Providing comfort and reducing wear and tear unlike cheaper sprung slats. For your peace of mind, every component of the frame is guaranteed for 11 years.

Ease Of Assembly

Only Simple Assembly Required

All of our space saver beds are expertly made to be simply to assembled. We use time tested solid mortise and tenon joints for their strength and durability, which are easily assembled together. All the work to make your select bed frame a space saver are done for you by our master craftsmen.


Compatible Accessories

Make the most of the space saving design With Our Optional Extras

Underbed Storage Boxes

Save even more space in your bedroom!

Maximise space with our durable underbed storage boxes. Designed to fit seamlessly under any of our standard height beds, including space savers, these boxes provide ample storage. Choose from 1/2, 3/4, and full-length options. By default, they match your bed frame, but you can request a different colour for a personalised touch. It's your choice!

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Floating Shelf

Supportive and Universal

The Floating Shelf is quick and easy to install and is incredibly supportive. This makes it great for items you need close to bed such as your alarm clock. The Floating Shelf provides a huge amount of flexibility as the universal design means you’re not limited to placing it at the headboard

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Choose Your Bed Leg Style

Tapered, Curved, Turned or Standard Legs

Our standard-height space saver beds are compatible with our custom leg options. These stunning choices allow you to fully customise the bed frame for the exact look and taste you’re after. Custom leg options are not available for our low space saver bed frames.

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