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Let's Give Back.

For every order made until Monday 28th Nov, Get Laid Beds in partnership with ITF will plant 6* trees in Kenya. Helping to both combat climate change and provide a livelihood for struggling communities in poverty.

Trees are a source of life, and amongst the many types, African families can both live off and sell, mangos, avocado, macadamia and Jackfruit are grown on these projects to help improve their quality of life.

The amazing work of the International Tree Foundation (ITF), has made this all possible. Established in 1924, Get Laid Beds has the privilege today to help in a small way towards their ambitious goal of planting 20,000,000 trees in Kenya's forests by 2024.

Buying a 'wooden' bed is just one way towards reducing your carbon footprint. A renewable material, that if we keep on planting sustainably, we can help reforest our world as it once was.

6* Trees is based on a average order value. Proportionally, the higher value your order, the more trees you will help plant.

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Luxury Latex Foam Mattress

Luxury Latex Foam Mattress
Luxury Latex Foam Mattress
Luxury Latex Foam Mattress
Luxury Latex Foam Mattress

Luxury Latex Foam Mattress


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As the name suggests the Luxury Latex Foam Mattress makes use of the special properties that latex offers, and is naturally therapeutic and impressions resistant. With half of the mattress thickness made from latex, this luxury mattress offers maximum comfort and incredible support. Latex being similar to memory foam, this mattress is designed to provide the same supporting properties that allow the mattress to mould to the contours of your body, but with a more responsive feel. Latex quickly springs back into shape and acts like a typical coil mattress in that sense but offers far superior comfort and supportive sleep. Although this mattress may be heavier than others, the strength and durability of all our solid handmade wooden bed frames with their Mortise and Tenon joints will ensure a highly sturdy and durable base that will be more than adequate to support this mattress for many years to come.
Technical Details For Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress
Mattress Thickness
The Luxury Latex Mattress is 20 cm thick and comprises of 50 mm of latex foam and 150 mm of medium density foam combined to form a superb sleeping surface.
Mattress Construction & Fillings
The most important filling of this mattress is naturally the 50 mm Latex and its elastic properties. This is complemented by additional layer of 150 mm of medium density foam which is formed to provide exceptional comfort. The carefully selected foam layers are housed in a zipped durable cover which is both stretchable and breathable. The latex is a naturally breathable material and helps reduce perspiration in the sleep. The mattress is resistance to mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, and provides hypo-allergenic properties.
Firmness & Tension
The Luxury Latex Mattress offers a medium to firm feel, with the latex providing fully body support to alleviate any pressure points when sleeping.
Guarantee & Workmanship
The skilled workmanship and quality materials used in all our Latex Mattresses allow us to offer a 7 Year Warranty.
Our Thoughts & Experience
A Latex Mattress in our opinion is the epitome of mattress design and comfort and this model certainly lives up to expectations. With a thick layer of latex, you will certainly feel it come to life with its elastic properties and more responsive nature, which when compared to a typical memory foam mattress offers better support and an improved sleeping experience.

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