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Let's Give Back.

For every order made until Monday 28th Nov, Get Laid Beds in partnership with ITF will plant 6* trees in Kenya. Helping to both combat climate change and provide a livelihood for struggling communities in poverty.

Trees are a source of life, and amongst the many types, African families can both live off and sell, mangos, avocado, macadamia and Jackfruit are grown on these projects to help improve their quality of life.

The amazing work of the International Tree Foundation (ITF), has made this all possible. Established in 1924, Get Laid Beds has the privilege today to help in a small way towards their ambitious goal of planting 20,000,000 trees in Kenya's forests by 2024.

Buying a 'wooden' bed is just one way towards reducing your carbon footprint. A renewable material, that if we keep on planting sustainably, we can help reforest our world as it once was.

6* Trees is based on a average order value. Proportionally, the higher value your order, the more trees you will help plant.

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Metal Bedside Table

Metal Bedside Table
Metal Bedside Table
Metal Bedside Table
Metal Bedside Table

Metal Bedside Table


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The Metal Bedside Table makes the perfect accessory for your handmade wooden bed frame. This bedside table is not attached to your bed frame, giving you the freedom to place it anywhere in your bedroom that works for you. The unique feature of this bedside table is the external metal frame, giving your bedside table more of a Metal feel. This side table is perfect to keep your important items close at hand, such as your alarm clock, books and phone.
Matches Your Wooden Bed Perfectly
As with our wooden beds, this bedside table can be handmade to match the finish of your wooden bed frame. The bedside table is shown here in solid oak hardwood and solid white steel. You have the choice of our wide variety of colour finishes for your Metal Bedside Table as well as each of our stunning solid hardwoods and a choice of white or black steel. With this, get that bedside table which suits your bedroom perfectly, an exquisite match for your wooden bed frame. Our solid oak and walnut finishes are renowned for their luxurious appearance. With the vast range of finishes available, you can create just the right bedside table for your bedroom.
Stylish Design
The bespoke design of this bedside table not only looks great, but is also extremely supportive. It can support heavy books with ease as well as any other items you wish to store on your bedside table. The unique design of this wooden bedside table enhances the aesthetics of your bed frame while adding practicality too.
Robust Structure
The bedside table has a highly robust structure. The table is made using the same FSC and PEFC certified Solid Scandinavian pine as our wooden beds so you can be confident in the quality and durability of your bedside table. Unlike the Floating Shelf, our bedside tables are not attached to your wooden bed frame, meaning that you can place your table wherever you see fit, no matter how close or far it is from your bed.
As standard, the Bedside Table will arrive to you carefully flat packed. This ensures protection during transit, as well as making it very easy to assemble upon arrival.


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