Top Quality Mattresses From Get Laid Beds

high quality mattresses

Your choice in mattress is a massive factor in how comfortable your nights sleep will be. Each provides a different level of comfort. Our top quality mattresses are the ideal choice for a great night’s sleep. Here’s a small selection from our vast range.

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Natural Cures For Needing A Midnight Snack

ways to prevent midnight snacking

If you’re staying up late and you need some extra energy to keep yourself going, or you’ve woken up in the middle of the night and you simply feel a little peckish, you’re a culprit of the midnight snack. Snacking late at night is fun, there’s no doubt about that. However, if you start to do it regularly, it can start to affect your sleep.

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Why Are Four Poster Canopy Beds So Popular?

Why are four poster beds popular?

Four Poster Beds, also known as Canopy Beds, are renowned for their stylish appearance and prestigious design. This bed type was first invented with the intention of protecting the sleeper from drafts and insects. Over the years it gained a reputation of being associated with the wealthy due to its elegant design and contemporary finish. We have a collection of 4 poster beds for you to choose from, all of which are unique in their own way.

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The Furry Friends Of Get Laid Beds

dogs on bed 3

Humans aren’t the only ones that appreciate our beds! Although we don’t actually sell pet beds (at this moment in time), our beds are perfect for both humans and pets. Throughout the running of our monthly photo competition, our customers have sent it some lovely photos of their pets enjoying their new Get Laid Bed’s Bed. This article is dedicated to our favourite photos that feature our furry friends.

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Our Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed

outdoor canopy bed

We’re always looking to bring new and innovative ideas to the market and our Outdoor Low Four Poster Canopy Bed does exactly this. This handmade bed frame can be placed outside, making it the ideal solution for relaxing by the pool. The Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is also fully weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it being left out in adverse weather conditions.

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Accessories For Your Wooden Bed Frame

wooden bed frame accessories

When it comes to ordering your wooden bed frame, you can also choose from some bespoke accessories to accompany the style of your bed. All of these accessories can add to the elegance of your wooden bed, giving your bed a unique element as well as adding to the uses of your handmade bed.

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Our Top 5 Mattresses For Guest Bedrooms

mattresses for guest bedrooms

With such a wide range of mattresses available, it can be tough to know which mattress is going to be perfect for you. Sometimes it can be even tougher to know which mattress is going to be ideal for your guest bedroom. Do you go for a cheaper option in order to keep costs down, but risk your guests being uncomfortable? Alternatively, if you have guests visiting on a regular basis, you may decide to purchase more of a renowned mattress.

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Handmade Beds For You

beds made by hand

All our wooden bed frames are handmade to order. These high quality beds use traditional manufacturing techniques which helps ensure their quality. We have various wooden bed designs available including our popular low bedsThese are the perfect idea for those looking for an attic conversion solution. So, why should you choose one of our handmade beds?

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Add a Floating Shelf To Your Wooden Bed Frame

floating shelves on wooden beds

Our range of handmade products is constantly growing. We have recently added some brand new bedside accessories. These are all handmade and are the perfect addition to any of our bed frames.  

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Bedding Suitable For All Seasons

We don’t just specialise in hand making wooden bed frames, but we also supply the perfect bedding for a variety of different seasons around the year. While some of this is the ideal choice for either the colder months or warmer summer, a large amount of the bedding in our range is suitable for use all year round. All of our bedding is made to a high quality and handmade in the UK. Continue reading

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