Enhance your Four Poster Bed with a Drape or Curtain

Four Poster Bed Curtains

Four Poster Beds are a truly stunning part of our wooden bed collection. Their grand appearance is sure to make an impact in any bedroom.  We have a large range of accessory to perfectly complement our four poster bed frames.

Four Poster Bed Curtains

Our four poster bed curtains are an elegant and attractive accessory for our four poster beds. They’re handmade in a warm white colour using the finest materials to create a feature point of your bed frame. Our curtains can be used to add a layer of privacy to your bed frame while keeping your bedroom bright.

Four Poster Bed Drape

The soft four poster bed drape is subtle and perfect for adding an extra element of detail to any four poster bed. Our drapes are individual made in a beautiful warm white colour using traditional methods and the finest materials. The flow of the drape over a four poster bed is the perfect accessory.

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