Wooden Bed Frames With a Headboard

Our wooden bed collection is something that is rapidly growing to meet the demands of customers for the various styles of beds they’re after. We’re often asked about our bed frames with a headboard.

Why Choose a Bed With a Headboard?
Bed frames with a headboard provide the perfect additional support for those who like to sit up in bed to watch TV or read at night. It also further enhances the bed frames design, creating a stunning centrepiece for any master bedroom. Our beds with a headboard very from minimalistic headboards to large, beautiful slanted ones.

Handmade Beds With a Headboard
Our bed designs vary from low to grand four posters. Various designs have headboards and these can even be customised to your requirements.

Low Oriental Bed

Low Oriental Bed
The Low Oriental Bed is a bed perfect for a loft or attic bedrooms where roof space is restrictive. The low height takes inspiration from the tradition of Japanese low floor sleeping and features a small but supportive headboard. This helps the maintain the low height, while still allowing you the enjoy the benefits of a bed frame with a headboard.

Kensington Bed

Kensington Bed
Featuring a large headboard, the Kensington Bed is part of our standard height collection and would look great in any bedroom. There’s plenty of space underneath for storage. You can even customise the legs on your Kensington Bed by choosing a style such as turned.

Made to Order
All our wooden beds are handmade by our expert craftsmen. This allows you to choose the perfect design for your own bedroom including matching the colour to your current furniture. Our options include solid hardwood such as Oak and Walnut, two incredibly aesthetically pleasing options. If you’d like height adjustments to your bed frame, this is part of our bespoke bed service.

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