Choosing a Pillow at Get Laid Beds

Choosing a Pillow at Get Laid Beds Custom Graphic

We have a large range of different pillows to choose from. Each one has different benefits and varies in the contents it’s filled with. Each of these are high quality and promise to deliver a comfortable place for your head.

One of these pillows is our Hollow Fibre Pillow, which is highly affordable, and great quality. These are filled with a quality hollow fibre material. The design of this pillow is great at keeping in heat, resulting in a warm and comfortable sleeping surface. We also highly recommend this pillow type for those with allergies thanks to them being hypoallergenic. We rate this pillow at a medium comfort level, which makes it ideal for the majority of people.

We also offer our more luxurious pillow type, the Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. It provides the ultimate luxury in sleeping, offering high levels of support. This pillow is also 100% safe for washing and tumble drying at home, making it incredibly convenient. This has proven to be a very popular choice among customers, and provides the ideal sleeping surface for anyone.

Another pillow from our range is the Memory Microfibre Foam Pillow, which is probably our most popular type. This is a luxurious pillow which has been filled with special memory foam microfibres. These work to mould to the shape of your head, which helps to give your neck and head the best comfort. This pillow is encased in a cotton cover, which can easily be washed, so you can keep it fresh, This pillow has a firmer feel, making it great for those who want the extra support.

If you have a question about any of our bedding range, you can contact our team. They can be emailed on and will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

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