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Natural Cures For Needing A Midnight Snack

If you’re staying up late and you need some extra energy to keep yourself going, or you’ve woken up in the middle of the night and you simply feel a little peckish, you’re a culprit of the midnight snack. Snacking … Continue reading

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Choosing A More Traditional Way To Wake Up

For many of us, waking up is a slow and painful process, both physically and emotionally. You lift your head at the sound of your alarm, feeling groggy, and think to yourself “just five more minutes”. This happens again and … Continue reading

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Go For Style and Save Space With A Space Saver Bed

If you feel that your bedroom is beginning to look a little outdated and cluttered, there’s no better time to do something about it. It’s better to catch these things early so you’re not left with what seems like an … Continue reading

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What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Using Solid Scandinavian Pine?

As a standard, all of our handmade wooden beds are constructed from a choice of either Solid Scandinavian Pine or Solid Hardwood. We use Solid Scandinavian Pine for a variety of reasons, but mostly it can be attributed to our … Continue reading

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Hypoallergenic Bedding For Allergy Sufferers

Allergies affect a huge amount of people around the world. They can come in many different forms and severities. For example, some people sneeze a lot during the summer which is due to the pollen in the air. However, some … Continue reading

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Reasons To Buy A Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds have a long, rich history not only within Britain but also around the world. They’re of impressive stature and bring an element of sophistication and class to any bedroom. There are many reasons you may want to … Continue reading

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How To Find Out If Your Bed Is Right For You?

A common error that people make when buying their bed is that it’s not just all about the bed frame. It’s about a combination of factors that all contribute to the overall experience you will have with your bed. For … Continue reading

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Urban Sounds To Help You Sleep

With a surprisingly large portion of the population finding difficulty in getting their beauty sleep, the number of solutions people have come up with to help people sleep is absurdly high. With almost endless options and resources, you’d think that … Continue reading

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Nature Sounds To Help You Sleep

Many people struggle to get to sleep at night, it’s a very common problem. There are countless options and methods designed to help you sleep at night and many of them work very well. However, we think that an excellent … Continue reading

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How Does Tog Rating Affect Your Duvet Choice?

Some may be fooled into thinking duvets are all the same, when this simply isn’t the case. There’s unit of measurement known as a tog rating that is used to determine the thickness of a duvet, and from this you … Continue reading

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