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Green Is The New Black.

To raise awareness of deforestation in Kenya, we are going green this Black Friday.

In partnership with the International Tree Foundation, from 15th to 28th November we will match any trees you donate alongside every order. As always, we are also encouraging customers to give back by donating a tree as well! These trees will not only help combat climate change, they will also provide livelihoods for struggling communities living in poverty.

The project also has significant environmental impact. The donated trees help to conserve and restore hectares of crucial forested areas; this also supports an increase in vital biodiversity to protect and strengthen the indigenous ecosystem.

By choosing Get Laid Beds, you will be reducing your carbon footprint in two key ways. Firstly, wood is a renewable material, and by planting sustainably we can help reforest our world as it once was. And secondly, our expertly designed beds are built to last meaning less waste for the planet and reduced cost for you.

The amazing work of the International Tree Foundation has made this all possible. Get Laid Beds has the privilege today to help in a small way towards their ambitious goal of planting 20,000,000 trees in Kenya's forests by 2024. We hope you will consider helping us drive awareness of such an important global issue.

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Why Buy Get Laid Beds?

100% Solid Wood Beds

So, with all the Black Friday bed deals flying about, why choose Get Laid Beds?

We only ever use 100% solid woods to create our incredibly well-crafted beds utilising traditional carpentry methods. We're so confident in the quality of our build that we provide an industry-leading 11-year guarantee!

There’s also no need to worry about our beds matching your interior with our range of 17 finishes to choose, from warm honey satin, to timeless and stylish black.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? The perfect size and design can be customised with our made to measure bed service. Check it out! We can build a bed for every taste, and every home.

What is Black Friday?

A Little Bit of History to Get You Started

The term Black Friday originates from America and is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s now traditional for retailers to offer large discounts and special offers. The day has now become an unofficial start to the festive shopping seasons, with many using it as an opportunity to begin their shopping for Christmas. Black Friday didn’t exactly exist here in the UK until 2010, with public awareness growing massively in 2013 to the huge event that we know it as today.


The International Tree Foundation

Our Work With The ITF

Established in 1922, the International Tree Foundation (ITF) is known for its support and operation of reforestation projects. Their mission is to plant 20 million trees in Kenya by 2024. Many of the trees planted by the ITF are fruit trees such as Mango. These trees yield enough produce for both families to eat and sell as a source of income.

Tree Planting Impact

How Get Laid Beds Made an Impact

The trees we plant not only benefited the planet, but also the communities in which they were planted. The trees provide a source of food and income for families who nurture them into adulthood. They also provide a home for local wildlife to live and thrive.


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