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Thoughts, stories, tips and ideas from the Barn of Bedmakers.


The Most Effective Sleep Rituals Revealed

We’re all aware of the important role sleep plays in our lives. Our mental health, physical health, careers and lifestyles depend so he..

Everything You Need to Know About Nightmares

The sleeping brain often presents us with bad dreams. Here we discuss what causes nightmares, the most common nightmares, and wha..

5 Under Bed Shoe Storage Ideas You’ll Adore

The extra space under your bed often goes to waste. Keep reading to learn our five favourite shoe storage tips and let clutter be..

The Three Steps to Luxury Bed Styling

Decorating the bed can be a divisive topic. While many find it hard to see the merit in making your bed look special when ‘it all e..

High vs Low Beds: How High Should a Bed be From the Ground?

We all want our bedrooms to be tranquil, a space where we can unwind and rid ourselves of the stress from the day just gone.Howeve..

Here’s How Good Sleep Affects Your Health

As the Bedmakers of Britain, if there’s one thing we know better than anyone, it’s sleep. We can all relate to the feeling of slippin..

7 Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Pattern for Better Quality Sleep

From health conditions to concentration, getting a good amount of quality sleep is key to staying healthy. So with the importance of good..

Utilise under the bed with storage boxes

Using the space under a bed can offer the most generous and easy way to increase the storage space in your bedroom and house, or especial..

Pay later with Clearpay

Get Laid Beds are now able to offer our customers the ability to pay with Clearpay. Spread your payments out over 6 weeks with 0% interes..
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