A range of soft duvets for the perfect nights sleep. With a variety of tog ratings, there's a duvet for every season.

About Duvets

During sleep our body temperature naturally lowers as our movement reduces and our body replenishes its energy to prepare for the day ahead. When we get cold, we need something to cover us to keep us warm during the night, and this is where duvets come in.


Everyone knows there really is nothing more soothing than getting snuggled up in bed surrounded by a nice cosy duvet. No matter whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter we offer a vast selection of duvets that vary in their tog rating. A duvets tog rating is a measure of its thickness, the higher the tog, the thicker the duvet. Thicker duvets are great for the colder winter months when you need to warm up quickly in your nice and toasty bed. Thinner duvets however, such as our 4.5 Tog Soft Hollowfibre Duvet are more convenient for use during hotter weather, where a thick tog duvet would make you overheat.


Naturally, through testing out duvets in the past you’ll know which tog duvet you prefer to use in each season. However, if you find yourself overheating under your duvet, it’s likely to make you irritable and far less likely to doze off into a peaceful night’s sleep. The same goes if you use too thin a duvet, as this will leave you cold during the night, potentially ruining your sleep. The thought of not getting a good night’s sleep alone makes choosing the correct duvet for each season even more crucial.

One of our most popular duvets is our 13.5 Tog (4.5+9) All Season Duvet. This duvet is specially designed for us across all seasons. Making use of two separate duvet layers, the All Season Duvet can be adapted for use dependant on the seasonal conditions. In hotter months you can reduce the amount of layers, in milder months a 9 tog duvet can be used, and in winter months both duvet layers can be combined to form a warm, cosy 13.5 tog duvet.

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