Bed and Mattress Sets

Buying a bed frame with a mattress included can be a much more efficient approach. You’ll save time while knowing that both will fit together perfectly.

About Bed and Mattress Sets

Wooden Beds with Mattress Included

If you’re a lover of efficiency, choosing a bed with a mattress included is a great idea. Not only do you guarantee complete compatibility, but you’ll get a great night’s sleep thanks to our tried-and-tested carpentry practices.

What Is a Bed and Mattress Set?

A bed and mattress set is a combination package of both your bed frame and mattress. Rather than buying the bed frame first, sizing it up, and then choosing a mattress, a bed and mattress set allows you to buy both at the same time, with peace of mind knowing that they’ll both work together from the start.

Why Choose a Bed and Mattress Set?

There are many reasons why you’d want to choose a bed and mattress set over a more traditional bed-buying process. Not only are bed frame and mattress combos guaranteed to work together, you’ll potentially save a lot more time by having both components arrive at the same time.

Buying both parts from one retailer also ensures a much more streamlined return process. We’re sure you’ll love your new bed and mattress, but if there’s anything wrong, let us know, and both parts can be easily returned to us.

What Types of Bed and Mattress Sets Are Available?

At Get Laid Beds, we primarily deal with wooden beds, as that’s where our carpentry expertise lies. We’re able to make beds in all the standard sizes you’d expect, from standard double beds with mattresses to king size beds with mattresses and everything in between. The same goes for our mattresses themselves.

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