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Our Handmade Platform Beds

Amongst our vast collection of wooden bed frames is our array of handmade platform beds. These are simple yet incredibly stunning bed designs which would suit any bedroom. Platform beds are excellent for saving space, making them a brilliant choice … Continue reading

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Benefits of Reading Before Bed

The majority of us tend to either watch television when in bed, or use our mobile phones instead. Both of these activities actually make it harder for you to get to sleep, this is because blue light is a brain … Continue reading

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Tips To Help You Stop Snoring

In the UK alone, approximately 15 million of us are snorers! This is quite alarming when you consider that snoring is one of the primary causes of sleep disruption. We’ve found that the main elements that result in snoring are: … Continue reading

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Join In Our All New Monthly Photo Competition

Are you proud of your brand new bed from Get Laid Beds? Do you think that yours is better than the rest? Then surely you must consider entering our Monthly Photo Competition. If you want to show off your bed … Continue reading

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Our Stylish Modern Day Bed Frame

Day Beds, the ultimate combination between sofa and bed. What could be better than having two pieces of furniture in one? The day bed was built with multifunctionality in mind, with the ability to be used as a sofa during … Continue reading

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Underbed Storage Options For Our Platform Bed Frames

Underbed Storage Boxes are useful for those that want a stylish way of storing away any loose items in their bedroom. They look particularly appealing underneath our Platform Bed Frames. So why should you consider a platform bed frame with underbed … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Your Child Would Love A Low Single Bed

Within our collection of wooden bed frames, we have a vast array of different designs and sizes to choose from. There’s the perfect choice for everyone. A low single bed from our range is a great bed for a child’s … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Clean Bedding

It is recommended that you clean your bed linen at least once a week, your pillows should be cleaned at least once every 3 months and your mattress should be cleaned every 6 months. Although a lot of us don’t … Continue reading

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Our Low Upholstered Bed Frame

The Low Upholstered Bed is one of several bed frames that are available in our Upholstered Bed range. This simply elegant upholstered bed design combines the stunning visuals of an upholstered bed with the advantages of a low bed frame. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Space Saver Beds

  Sometimes your room may not be large enough to support a particularly tall or large bed frame. You need a wooden bed frame that is not going to take up all of the valuable space in your bedroom. With … Continue reading

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