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Halloween Decorations For Your Bedroom

With Halloween fast approaching we’re sure that many of you will be looking to decorate your interiors with some Halloween Themed Decor. There are a wide range of Halloween decorations and features that can be used to bring more of … Continue reading

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Top 7 Scariest Movies To Watch On Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we are counting down our Top 7 scariest movies to watch this Halloween! If you plan on watching any of these movies by yourself, you’ll be sure to end up sleeping with the light on. The Shining … Continue reading

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Scariest Movie Scenes That Are Set In Bed

Halloween is approaching, so we’ve decided to countdown the scariest horror movie scenes that are set in a bed. These are definitely horror movie scenes that you won’t want to witness before going to bed! Nightmare On Elm Street This … Continue reading

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Where Did Trick-Or-Treating Originate From?

The majority of people (mainly children) are looking forward to Halloween, especially because they get to go trick-or-treating. But this tradition goes deeper than just begging for candy, so we’re going to look at where trick-or-treating originated from. Halloween is … Continue reading

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Setting A Good Sleeping Routine

Some say that the secret that the to success is to maintain a healthy sleeping routine. Sleeping routines are essential to your everyday life, it’s what allows you to function properly and keeps you going throughout the day. Those that … Continue reading

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Win A Glow In The Dark Bed – Signed by the X Factor Finalists

Be In With A Chance To Win! The Glow In The Dark Bed is being featured on the X Factor! Get Laid Beds has teamed up with the X Factor to have our Halloween Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Bed featured on the show. Not only … Continue reading

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What is a Tog Rating?

When ordering a new duvet you will notice that it has been given a Tog Rating, but people often don’t understand what it actually means. So we here at Get Laid Beds are going to explain what the Tog Rating … Continue reading

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A Guide To Common Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping disorders can have a huge negative impact on your life, considering that we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, a sleeping disorders can lead to serious issues in everyday life for some people. The most common sleeping disorder is … Continue reading

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Solutions For Your Pillow Feather Allergy

At least 20% of people will suffer from some sort of feather related allergy. Feather pillows are highly popular, due to their superior comfort as well as their ability to last longer than other types of pillows. But for those … Continue reading

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Our Custom Bed Frame Service

Wooden bed frames can be customised in a variety of different ways. From style to colour to size, there is a variety of customisable features to make your handmade bed frame more personalised. The first decision you’ll have to make … Continue reading

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