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Why Is A Comfortable Mattress So Important?

Many people don’t fully understand the value of a comfortable mattress. They will just buy the first mattress they see, without properly analysing whether it will be comfortable or not. It’s important to ensure that you get a comfortable mattress.

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7 Things to Avoid Doing Before Bedtime

A healthy night’s sleep is vital to every person, especially those that have to wake up for work/college the next day. So in order to ensure that you get to sleep with minimal distractions, it’s best to avoid doing these … Continue reading

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The Advantages of A Wooden Bed Frame

People find it hard to decide between a wooden bed frame or a metal bed frame. Our wooden bed frames, are beautifully hanour top five advantages of wooden bed frames.

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Reliable Delivery Service from Get Laid Beds

Ever been unhappy because you’ve been left waiting for over 3 weeks for your new bed to arrive, only for it never to turn up. You’ve booked the day off work specifically so you can be at home to collect … Continue reading

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Snoring Solutions

A gigantic 41.5% of the adult population in the UK snore! So here are the Get Laid Beds top tips to reducing and preventing snoring.

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The Result Of Our First Twitter Competition

We launched our first ever Twitter competition in August and it turned out to be a huge success! The question we asked our Twitter followers was “What’s the craziest place you’ve fallen asleep?” and the prize was two of our … Continue reading

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9 Ways To Keep A Cool At Night

During the summer season it gets unbearably hot at night! The windows are wide open and the electric fans come out. So here are the 9 top tips to keeping cool at night during the summer.

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Top 5 Facts About Yawning

Even after all these years of research, it is still not fully understood why we yawn. Although some information has been gathered on the topic, so here are the Get Laid Beds top five facts about yawning. In 2007, researchers … Continue reading

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Adjust To The Era – Modern Beds

Times are changing, modern beds are becoming increasingly popular and provide a contemporary appearance to any bedroom. In the first picture we see the Modern Day Bed, in the second we have our Low Modern Bed. Both beds provide a modern centrepiece … Continue reading

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Types Of Dreams

Dreams affect every person on the planet, we have over 100,000 dreams throughout our lifetime! Dreams are series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. Dreams give you more of an insight into your … Continue reading

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