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Creative Storage Options from Get Laid Beds

By Jonny 29 July 2019


Free space is not only a luxury in your bedroom, in today’s world it’s a necessity. With rooms and houses seemingly shrinking by the minute, storage can become a large problem for those of us who live in a metropolitan area and even those of us that don’t.

Get Laid Beds – an Artistic Solution

Creativity is key in finding solutions to our storage problems, and Get Laid Beds is here to be your artist. Imagine us as providing you a canvas and paint brushes to dream up the perfect allocation of space and resources. Or just think of us as a beautiful, affordable provider of beds, it’s really up to you. Regardless, we know we’ll help you come up with the perfect place for those old yearbooks you can’t quite commit to tossing out. One day you’ll get around to reading the signatures from your old classmates, in the meantime it’s just about finding a place to put those pesky buggers. Whose idea was it to make them so heavy anyway? It feels like a free trip to the gymnasium every time you have to move them from one place to another. Anyways, we digress. What you need in this situation is a bed with drawers. Or maybe even a platform bed with storage underneath. Or maybe just a larger flat. That may take a while to get through, so in the meantime let’s show you the storage options that we here at Get Laid Beds have to offer. We’re quite confident we’ve got the solution to your war on space.

Platform Beds – the Provider of Space

Let’s first start with our platform beds. Much like our favorite style of shoe, these beds rise up above the ground allowing you to store things below the bed, remain elevated, and appear taller. Wait, scratch that last part, the taller portion is only applicable to those shoes we mentioned. Even though they won’t make you seem giant-like, they will supply you with a giant amount of underneath storage to tuck away just about anything. With a wide variety of sizes, colors, and models, we’re confident you’ll find what it is you’re looking for. Take these platform beds as the perfect solution to storing those cumbersome suitcases, backpacks, and anything else that may slide right beneath your mattress. Cat owners beware, your feline friend will find the space beneath your bed perfect for storing their own furry little bodies. Frankly, we can’t blame them. It turns out cats love well made, affordable beds with an 11-year guarantee. Who knew cats had such great taste?

Save Even Further Space with a Space Saving Style

Platform beds are your speed but looking for something to save even further space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well. With our Space Saver model, we have the platform bed you’re looking for with the drawers of a dresser, great for quickly accessible clothing, extra bedding, or anything else you may need to grab straight from the comfort of your bed. Under bed storage is the perfect solution to a bedroom that may be a bit smaller than your collection of belongings. All our platform beds and platform beds with under bed storage come in a wide range of sizes; from twin beds to california kings, we have you covered. A twin bed with drawers will allow you to turn your tiny bedroom in your metropolitan flat into a Marie Kondo dream, filled with space for everything that brings you joy. And while a king size bed with storage maybe a rarity for certain companies, Get Laid Beds has a little bit of everything while still offering a bed that can last generations. It’s not just cats that like 11-year guarantees you know?

The Sizing of Storage Available

Now, clearly with so many bed sizing choices, our underbed storage boxes have to follow suit, right? This is why we offer multiple sizing choices to make sure you can get exactly what you need.

½ Storage Box

While it may be our smallest size storage box, be rest assured there’s still plenty of space to store those loose possessions.

¾ Storage Box

Taking up roughly 3 quarters of the bed length, this size of storage box leaves plenty of room for those with a side table who still wish to be able to pull their storage boxes out. Using them same sturdy design as our bed frames, the ¾ box provides plenty of strength for spare bedding (or perhaps just that rather large sneaker collection).

Full Storage Box

For those looking for the ultimate space saving solution. Filling pretty much all the bed (lengthways), it’s perfect for those with just way too much in their room.

A Vast Array of Bed Designs

Beds with storage don’t have to be dowdy either. Our platform beds are also available in an Oxford style, a beautiful wood that can be satin-stained or made in solid hardwood. Our wood bed styles aren’t just available in Oxford either.  Our Chelsea bed is a wonderful option for those who are looking for the same bed style offered in our Oxford Bed but with a bit more pizazz.

Our platform beds can be bought in a Four Poster model too, bringing out the elegance in all you do, even while you’re sleeping. Available in a New Forest, Moroccan, Classic, and Summer style, we’re confident there’s an option that appeals to anyone’s taste.

Your bed should be an expression of your personal style, and your style should always include beds that are handcrafted and made with precision and care.

A Conclusion to Space Saving

A small space doesn’t mean the inability to store all your worldly possessions and Get Laid Beds wants to prove that to you. Sure, some companies want you to believe that a bed is just a bed, unable to provide you with more accommodations that not only improve your living situation but bring out your personal style while doing so. However, here at Get Laid Beds we know it’s possible to have what you want and what you need. Ranging from a cali king size bed with storage to a just a twin bed with drawers, we’re positive we have something that will bring you a little joy in your life.

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