Flat Packed: Easy To Assemble

By Jonathan 30 August 2015


All our bed frames are designed and made in the UK. After ordering your Get Laid Bed, it will be manufactured and prepared by hand by our experienced team in the workshop. The bed makers will take great care as they produce your high quality wooden bed frame. Thanks to this, there is a range of bespoke sizes available, so size isn’t an issue. Once the bed has been handmade, it will then be carefully flat packed ready to go out for delivery with our couriers who will handle your new frame with great care. If flat pack furniture is something that interests you, then read on to discover more about what it is and it’s many benefits.

What is flatpack furniture?

Because they are so inexpensive, flat packs, sometimes referred to as ready-to-assemble furniture, or self-assembly furniture, are a very popular and preferred type of furniture. When purchased, this sort of furniture is installed without the use of special tools because it is created in flat components (in most cases). They come with the required nuts and bolts for assembly, as well as an instruction manual, and are packaged and supplied in separate flat-packed boxes.

Benefits of flat pack frames

Read on to find out the many benefits of flat pack frames.

Reduced shipping costs

Flat pack shipping has many advantages. Thanks to the flat packing of your bed, the costs of shipping are greatly reduced. Each frame is dispatched in at least 3 boxes. This means that we can offer fast and efficient shipping at an affordable cost. This way of transportation also decreases the risk of damage, so you can be sure your bed will be the same quality as when it left the workshop.

Easier transportation

Flat packed beds are also easier to get to their new room. For example, if they need to be carried into a small space such as an attic room or need to be carried up a spiral staircase. There are no bulky, clumsy items to manoeuvre through doorways. This means you don't have to take out any doors to bring flat-pack furniture inside your home. Not to mention, until you or your furniture assembler can put the furniture together, the boxes will stack neatly and out of the way.

Easy to move

If you’re worried about the frame arriving unbuilt, then fear not! Our frames are designed in a way which makes flat pack bed assembly easy. The package contains everything you need to construct your brand new bed. This includes an easy to follow instruction manual in addition to all the screws that are required. The only thing you need to supply yourself is a basic screwdriver. We use mortise and tenon which provide incredible strength and durability, so you can be sure of a bed which will last for years to come. This technique all aids the building process, making it easy, even for those with minimal DIY experience. Flat packs are perfect if you move frequently or if you're a landlord who needs to transport furniture between houses. When a bed frame is broken into flat components, it is considerably easier to carry. This will help to avoid any difficult and exhausting bed manoeuvring when moving out of a house.

Better for the environment

You can fit more self-assembly furniture onto a truck than full-sized built desks, wardrobes, or even sheds because they are smaller and have less packaging. There will be fewer trucks, less fuel usage, and lower carbon emissions as a result of this.

Want to purchase a flat pack bed?

If these benefits have appealed to you, then visit our website today to browse our selection of high quality, stylish, wooden bed frames. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes, from our Four Poster Beds to our Ottoman Storage Beds, we’ve got a bed that’s perfect for you.

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