Our New AR Feature - Your Virtual Showroom

By Jonathan 6 July 2021


There’s so much choice when it comes to buying a bed frame. There’s multiple styles, sizes, materials and colours to choose from which can often make the buying decision incredibly difficult. Through the combination of 3D models and AR (Augmented Reality) we make it possible to see each and every one of these bed frames in all the colours we offer, with the ability to spin, zoom and view from any angle directly inside your home. You can even place the models exactly where you envisage and see if the colour or size will work with your bedroom

About The Models

The entire range of 60 beds has been modeled up to be as realistic as possible. Each bed has been individually based on the original for maximum accuracy. With our multitude of style and colour offerings, there's nearly 1,000 possibilities to view. This is something which would be impossible to achieve through photography alone. All our wood colours have been carefully photographed in a real life environment to give the truest insight into how the bed would look.

Made To Scale

All beds have been made to scale (in a standard UK King Size) and even include a mattress which can be removed and added. A modern twist in online shopping.

Dimensions Included

All dimensions are included on the 3D model. This is an incredibly helpful add on, allowing you to quickly understand whether the frame would fit in your space or not. These sizes can quickly be hidden if required.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is an interactive experience. It can bring virtual objects into the real world through your device's camera. It's something that is continuously advancing over time, improving on an almost weekly basis. In a simple form, some of you probably use AR every single day without realising it. Apps which offer filters use the basis of AR.


How Does it Work

The Main 3D Model Viewer

The 3D viewer works directly in browsers on both mobile and desktop. No additional apps required! Models can have their colours changed using the quick access bar. Other options include the ability to show/hide the mattress, go full screen and to show/hide the dimensions.


The AR Viewer

The most exciting feature is the AR of course! This can easily be accessed using the AR icon while viewing a 3D model from the website (you must be using a mobile phone  which is running Android 7.0 or IOS 11 and above). The feature uses the latest technology and is designed to be fast, responsive and most importantly easy to use. The steps below outline how to quickly place any of our bed frames in your room

How To Place Any Bed in Your Room


  1. Select your bed.
  2. Choose the colour you are interested in
  3. Tap on the ‘AR’ Icon - then tap again
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen. This will usually mean moving your phone slowly around.
  5. The model should now appear overlaid on your camera. Walk around, get up close and see how it will look in your room right in front of your eyes like magic.
  6. Never buy the wrong bed again.

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