Our Style of Bed Legs

We offer 4 different leg styles (for most beds). By changing the beg legs, you can uniquely transform the appearence of your bed frame. Each boasts a different benefit. The curved corner option is popular in smaller spaces as it can help avoid stubbed toes. 

Square (As Standard)

This style of leg is the classic design. It’s a beautiful choice which features clean lines, ideal for any bedroom setting. It’s perfect for those looking for simplicity and a natural appearence.

Curved Corner

This is similar to the sqaure leg, except it also features a gentle outer curve. This is incredibly popular and adds characteristics to any bed frame. It’s also practical too, helping to prevent you from catching your toes in a smaller bedroom.

Tapered Leg Option

With a sharp angle, the tapered leg makes real statement. The “thinning” design of the bed leg creates a modern appearence, cutting the profile of the bed frame design.

Turned Leg Option

With gentle curves, this smooth option would compliment any bed frame design. It works in harmony with the modern, clean lines of our beds and offers an aesthetic which we’re sure would suit many bedroom designs.

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