Size Is No Issue!

Image of Get Laid Beds Size Guide

Ever struggle because you just can’t find that size to fit your specific space? Well here at Get Laid Beds ‘ Size is no issue’. We offer a tremendous 17 varieties of bed sizes to suit almost every room and also make orders to customer requirements. From a Small Single to a Super Caesar, the size variation is limitless. And, if you’re looking for a different size solid wooden bed frame that’s not on our standard size list, don’t be afraid to enquire as we happily accommodate customer requirements and build a size specifically to your needs providing they are within our style and range.

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Sleeping Positions

Image of woman sleeping

Sleeping. It seems so simple. But we don’t all sleep in the same positions. And more surprisingly, studies have shown that the position we sleep in, can actually be a reflection on how we are in waking life.  What exactly are these sleeping positions? What do they mean? Whether or not you believe these studies, it’s still certainly an interesting area to consider. Here are a few these sleeping positions along with their meaning.

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Spring Cleaning Furniture

Image of Cleaning Products

Everybody likes to spring clean, even if some don’t like to do their spring cleaning during spring. Spring cleaning has been a long standing tradition in the UK, and takes a special place in the hearts of a large number of the population. It’s a time to start anew, and remove the clutter of the past year. For some people it could even be considered a spiritual thing. Perhaps they consider the cleaning of the home to be equivalent to a cleansing of the soul.

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Types Of Dreams

woman in bed dreaming

Dreams affect every person on the planet, we have over 100,000 dreams throughout our lifetime! Dreams are series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. Dreams give you more of an insight into your mind as dreams are your brain’s way of telling you something.

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Chicken Of The Month

Image of Langshan Chicken

So, it appears to be that time again where we choose another breed of chicken and crown it ‘chicken of the month!’

This month see’s the German Langshan chicken taking the title. This chicken is a large robust breed, and clearly from the photo has exceptional height. The standard sized German Langshan is uncommon in both the United States and the United Kingdom, however the Bantam form which is a smaller variety are pretty popular in the UK.

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Short Sleepers

Image of father and child sleeping

For most, not getting much sleep would affect one’s ability to concentrate and function normally. It may even leave them in a bad mood. But this isn’t the case for everyone. For a small number of people (given the name ‘short sleepers’) the reality is that they can function normally for a less than ‘recommended’ amount of sleep for their age group.

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Get Laid Beds Bedding Range

Image of pillow cases

The Get Laid Beds bedding range is an extensive and high quality collection of fine, handmade products perfectly suited to compliment and complete your bed. Despite the Get Laid Beds focus on wooden beds, we also offer a wide range of high quality handmade mattresses, amongst other items of bedding.  It’s important to us that we provide the broadest, best quality service possible to our customers.

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Top Tips For Waking Up In The Morning

Image of man waking up

Waking up. Something so many of us hate. It seems, no matter how hard you try to get up, you cannot seem to stop hitting that ‘snooze’ button, with the aim to gain an extra 5 minutes (which always seems to turn into another ‘Just 5 More’). But did you know, there are some tips which can help making getting up easier? Following these steps can help you begin to find waking up a breeze.

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How Animals Sleep?

Image of a lion fast asleep

Many animals, like cat’s and dogs adopt the common sleeping position of just laying down. But other animals have some unique and interesting sleeping habits. Some animals such as horses can lock their legs so that they can sleep whilst standing up, this allows them to make a quick escape if a predator comes near. Some birds such as the flamingo can even sleep while balancing on only one leg. It is known that Leopards have excellent balance, these large cats can sleep on a tree limb without falling off. The three toed Sloth also sleeps on a tree limb, usually sleeping in a sitting position, using a tree branch as back support.

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The Importance Of Pillows

A pair of different types of pillows lying on some hay

Pillows have been an item of comfort and customisation from day one when it comes to the rise in beds as an expression of wealth and status. If you had expensive, elaborate pillows and cushions in rare silks and fabrics it was clear you were wealthy and of a high status, you could afford luxuries like that.

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