An Unrivalled 11 Year Guarantee from Get Laid Beds

We stand by the quality of our products we offer. Our craftsmen have an eye for detail and we use the finest materials in all our products. This level of detail and our 19 product stages ensure each bed is made to perfection. We’re incredibly proud of our designs, and offer an industry leading 11 year guarantee.

100% Solid Wooden Slats

Part of a quality bed frame is slats built to last. Around 70% of the base is covered by these in all out bed frames and these are 2x thicker than industry standard. Each component is made up of 100 solid wood for superior strength and appearance. Discover more about our solid slats

What’s covered?

We guarantee every component of our bed frame which includes the headboard and solid slats. Our mattresses are also covered by an extensive warranty (varies by mattress). They use durable materials and our made by our textile experts.

Learn more about our 11 year guarantee

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