Utilise under the bed with storage boxes

By Jonathan 9 August 2021


Using the space under a bed can offer the most generous and easy way to increase the storage space in your bedroom and house, or especially in urban flats.  Having great organisation and a place to store away any items is a key step to living a stress and clutter free life. There’s many ways which can help provide this space, including storage boxes and  ottoman beds but here we discuss the different storage boxes on sale by Get Laid Beds.

Why Creating Space Is Important

Better Sleep

A calm, relaxing atmosphere is a must for the perfect night's sleep. One way to achieve this is through clearing away anything that could be in the way. Waking up to a clean bedroom is a guaranteed way to start off the day better.

A Safer Environment

Of course, with the floor being clear, you are much less likely to fall over and trip.  Our “Curved Corner” bed options and “Floating Bed” designs also help to avoid bumping toes in the middle of the night.

Less Stress

A clearer bedroom can also offer a feeling of motivation, being better for your health. This can also help clear your mind of stress.

Ways To Create Space

Underbed Storage Boxes

Our underbed storage boxes provide a large amount of space and are available in various sizes and colours, each ideal for a variety of reasons. These are compatible with any of our standard height beds and can be added at any time, including after purchase.  The standard internal height for storing is 19cm, giving ample space for spare bedding, pillows, duvets etc.

Low beds do not offer the space of clearance needed for these storage boxes so ensure you choose a bed that’s a standard height to make the most of your space if storage is important.

How Many Storage Boxes Can I Have?

On our modern underbed storage box page, we have created an easy to follow guide. The table highlights the box size as well as the bed size, telling you how many boxes your bed frame will allow.

What Size Boxes Are Available?

1/2 Box (87 x 59cm)

Our 1/2 boxes are great for small items as well as easy accessibility.  Combining two of these together will give you a split opening option on one side of the bed.  A maximum of 4 ½ boxes can be placed under the larger beds.

3/4 Box (124 x 59cm)

If you are looking to maximise your storage space, while still utilising a bedside table, this is the ideal option for such a bedroom arrangement. The carefully thought out size means it can still be used without hitting side tables.  Alternatively, attach our “Floating Shelf” product instead of a side table to achieve both.

Full Box (184 x 59cm)

A full box is for those looking to make the very most of what our storage has to offer. This box covers almost the entire length of your bed frame. The impressive size provides more than enough space for any loose bedding or spare pillows.

How are they made?

Each box is made from 100% solid wood for the primary structure which is then sandwiched together with meticulously designed metal panels.  The front of the storage box will match exactly with the chosen finish of your bed whilst the hidden elements behind will be slightly different being partly metal, but of the same colour palette.

Opening and closing is easy with smooth castor wheels in each corner allowing it to glide for access.


See them in 3D

All storage boxes can be viewed on our 3D feature. You can choose the draw quantity to see how this would look as well as having the ability to open and close these drawers. You can even place these in your bedroom right in front of your eyes, using your phone. See our AR feature blog for more information.


Our wood storage beds can be made to fit any size room and any size or shape sleeper. Our most popular options include:

Single wooden storage beds: Perfect for smaller rooms or even as a child’s storage bed.

Small double wooden storage beds: Slightly smaller than a double bed, these storage beds are perfect for spare rooms.

Double wooden storage beds: Our most popular size, these storage beds are ideal for couples of single sleepers who like to have extra space to themselves.

King size wooden storage beds: Beds made for a king, of king size storage beds give your primary bedrooms the royal treatment.

Super king wooden storage beds: Measuring in at 6' x 6'6" our super king size beds really make a statement and provide enough under bed storage space to suit any home.

With 17 finish or colour options to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal wooden bed with storage to suit your decor. Our popular choices include Oak storage beds, black storage beds, grey storage beds and white storage beds.

Ottoman Beds

If you’re looking for storage which is already built into the bed frame, we recommend our Ottoman Bed collection. We have 3 styles available, all offering a large amount of storage within the base of the bed frame. The easy to lift base makes any items quickly and easily accessible.

Concealed Storage Beds

If you’re looking to completely hide the storage drawers from view, then our specifically designed Storage variation option on our two most popular beds are configured to just that.  The extra rails at the bottom ensure the under bed storage drawer is hidden from view.

London Storage Bed

Platform Storage Bed (No Headboard)

Organise your space with a Get Laid Bed

Visit our website and browse our variety of high quality wooden storage beds. Our beds come in a variety of sizes and finishes so it’s easy to find the perfect bed for you. Our storage beds are not only convenient but will also make a statement in any bedroom.

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