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  Quilted Mattress Protectors   Our Quilted Mattress Protectors are made from cotton and polyester. This quality Quilted Mattress Protector provides a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.  The protectors are made to be durable, long lasting and to fit snug onto your mattress.  They are designed to offer an additional layer to the top of..
With an advanced orthopaedic spring unit, our Open Coil Mattress is the ideal solution for occasional use in guests bedrooms. Its also makes for the ideal Child's Starter Mattress as it offers a great level of support for a growing child. The uniquely designed single spring unit lends plenty of support to your body as you sleep.   Why Choose An Open Coil Ma..

Open Coil Mattresses From Get Laid Beds

Open Coil Mattresses are the ideal mattress solution for occasional use in guest bedrooms. They can often be found in kids bedrooms too, as they are known to be the ideal starter mattress for smaller children because of the comforting level of support they provide.


Inside our open coil mattresses, a uniquely designed single spring unit is used to provide additional support to your body as you sleep, and unlike more traditional open coil mattresses, this spring unit features state of the art orthopaedic technology to provide extra comfort for your aching limbs as you lay down for a great night’s sleep.


Why Choose An Open Coil Mattress?


Unlike more basic mattresses on the market, our open coil mattresses are designed to provide maximum comfort and support. Designed to be as durable as possible, the open coil mattress is the ideal mattress for occasional use in guest bedrooms where a mattress is required less frequently. Open coil mattresses tend to be much more affordable than other types of high-spec mattress such as pocket sprung or memory foam, and so they are an economical option if the mattress isn’t going to be used frequently.


Whilst open coil mattresses do have a reputation for being quite basic in design, our open coil mattresses have been designed to incorporate a number of design features to make them as strong and as durable as possible:


  • Durable Soft Knit Fabric - Developed to compliment our open coil mattresses, Soft Knit Fabric is used to contain mattress fillings as it is soft to the touch and elasticated to help avoid rips and tears for sustained durability.

  • Stitched Borders - Many of our open coil mattresses have stitched borders, which helps to connect the mattress fabric to the single spring unit.


A Years Guarantee For Your New Open Coil Mattress


We are so confident in the supreme workmanship that goes into making our open coil mattresses that we offer a 1 year guarantee complimentary with each open coil mattress in our range.


Buying A Durable Wooden Bed For Your Mattress


Your new mattress deserves the best, why not order a durable wooden bed frame to give your open coil mattress a stable base to rest upon. Beds commonly purchased alongside an open coil mattress include our guest bed and our London Bed, which is often used as a small child’s bed.

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