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Fold (Adjustable) Mattress

Fold Mattress for Adjustable Beds

The Fold Mattress contains 1000 springs and is ideal for our adjustable beds, thanks to its clever construction. It has been designed to work seamlessly with our 5-part adjustable slat bases, bringing enhanced comfort to your new adjustable base.

Adjustable mattresses provide a personalised sleep experience. They allow you to modify the angle of the head and foot sections, catering to individual preferences and addressing various health concerns such as snoring or acid reflux.

The ability to elevate specific areas of the body enhances circulation and reduces pressure points, promoting better comfort and potentially easing conditions like back pain. The flexibility of adjustable mattresses accommodates diverse sleep positions, offering optimal support for both relaxation and activities like reading or watching TV in bed.

This adjustable mattress features a layer of hypoallergenic fibre, which better regulates temperature during the night for better sleep quality. The soft knit fabric is treated with Health-Guard which uses probiotics to help with natural protection. This mattress is also Vegan Environmentally Friendly and uses recycled plastic fibre fillings, helping save recycled products from landfill.


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Features What makes our Mattress so unique ?


Handmade in the UK

Our bedding is handmade in the UK, with a focus on using the finest quality materials.

30 cm Height

The ideal mattress has the perfect balance of fillings to provide all round comfort. This premium build of carefully selected layering means this mattress needs to be thicker than some.



High specification mattresses, particularly with natural fillings usually have air vents to ensure there is airflow within. This helps keep the fillings fresh whilst helping expel odours.


Helpful Handles

If you've ever had to move a mattress (especially a premium one) you will know how difficult it can be. Handles make the physical challenge a little easier, but you'll need some muscles.


3 Year Warranty

All our mattresses are built to last, but to give you further peace of mind we include in the purchase of this mattress a 3 year warranty.


100% Egyptian Cotton

The filling is elegantly encased in Egyptian Cotton, offering a soft touch and an air of luxury.

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