The Benefits Of Pillow Protectors

Advantages of using pillow protectors

Many people don’t understand how a Pinsonic Pillow Protector can be beneficial to them. We here at Get Laid Beds have compiled a list of the main benefits of pillow protectors and why you should certainly consider fitting them to your pillows.

  • Our Pinsonic Pillow Protectors are made from spun-bonded polypropylene with a hollowfibre filling, providing a comfortable material on which to rest your head.
  • Pillow protectors that we supply are non-allergenic and non-toxic. This makes them an ideal solution for allergy sufferers who may be looking for the comfort of a feather pillow, but due to their feather allergy, they are prevented from buying them. A pillow protector can allow an allergy sufferer to sleep on a feather pillow, without giving them an uncomfortable reaction.
  • Protectors act as a protective layer over your pillow, not only against allergens but also against dirt and grime that may otherwise decrease the longevity of your pillows. They are moisture and stain resistant. Without a protector, your pillows will be much more vulnerable to stains and wear and tear.

Be sure to keep your pillows clean and fresh with pillow protectors from Get Laid Beds. They offer full protection for your pillows and can be easily fitted thanks to a zip on the side. The perfect product for those that are looking to ensure the longevity of their pillows, pillow protectors do the hidden work whilst lying undetectable underneath your pillowcases.

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