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      Our Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is a perfect choice to sleep in style whether you’re near  the pool, on a beach or just in your own garden oasis. The Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is made using strong, sustainably sourced Iroko or Sapele hardwoods. It's important to us that we make the effort t..
Our Bali Outdoor Low Bed is the bed to have if you’re looking for an easy place to sit that isn’t overbearing or bulky. Suited well to the poolside, the beach or even your own garden. As with every bed in our range of Bali Outdoor beds, the Bali Outdoor Low Bed is available in either of two stunning finishes. The Natural finish sees your bed made ..
The Bali Outdoor Modern Day Bed is designed specifically for a more casual, relaxed experience when in use outdoors. It’s perfect for you if you want space to share with friends or family, combining the core design elements of a plush sofa while still maintaining the stature, stability and size of a bed. The Bali Outdoor Modern Day Bed e..
With the release of the Bali Outdoor Bed collection, there became a need for a mattress to match the standard. This is where our Bali Waterproof Mattress comes in - it's durable, fade resistant, saline and chlorine durable, stain resistant machine washable and tumble dryer stable, flame retardant and soil/water repellent. Made out of 100% solution-..
  The Bali Soft Cocoon Towelling Cover is the ultimate accessory for your outdoor bed. Providing extra comfort and added protection, this accessory product will keep your outdoor mattress hygienic and fresh.   Ultimate Comfort The Bali Soft Cocoon Towelling Cover is much like a beach towel by providing a comfortable and soft s..
Custom Size and Alteration Add this product to your shopping cart if you wish to make a design change to your bed.  Choose the appropriate size bed to match.  Please note that this is only used for "dimension" changes (e.g. altering the length, width or height of he bed) and does not include any additional timber componants or unique alterations which would be ..
Outdoor Bed for Pools Cabana Gazebo

Outdoor Beds are Get Laid Beds’ most innovative range of beds yet, bringing a whole new level of
comfort to outdoor furniture. The Low Outdoor Bed is inspired by the popular Low Four Poster,
and is a perfect place to enjoy every part of the day.

The Outdoor Bed is not only an excellent reason to get out of bed in the morning, a wonderful place
to enjoy the weather and a soothing place to watch a beautiful sunset. The Outdoor Beds are also
weatherproof and UV resistant, leaving you without the worry of wear and tear. Perfect at the poolside
or simply in your garden as a freeing place to relax and recline. They're suitable for family life as well
as being a quiet recluse.

Pools and gardens aren’t the limits of the Outdoor Beds. Placed on the beach, the Outdoor Beds
are a refreshing place to cool down after taking a dip, or just a place to look at the stars at night.
There’s no need to worry about breaking the bed. It's durable, hardwearing, and stains and spills
are easy to remove. We designed the Outdoor Beds to be outside all year around - you’ll never
need to disassemble it or move it inside.

Outdoor Beds are currently available in 2 finishes - Natural and White, in every of our sizes.
It’s important to consider size, unless the bed is going on a beach. We even offer our super
caesar size, standing at an impressive 9ft by 7ft. The super caesar is a bespoke size that would
make the Outdoor Beds a perfect place for friends and family to lounge by the pool in the
summer sun.



We also considered our passion for sustainability and the environment. It’s for this reason we
chose the two sustainable hardwoods t
o make the Outdoor Beds, Iroka and Sapele. Get Laid Beds
takes its 
environmental responsibility seriously, so it’s imperative for us to pay attention to the
impact we 
have. With these sustainable hardwoods, we’re contributing to saving the environment
while still providing a quality product.

Offering personalized, friendly tips, tricks and advice, you won’t be left in the dark with Get Laid Beds.
If you have any questions at all about our handmade wooden beds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with

our customer service department, who will be able to answer your questions, queries and qualms.

If you have any questions at all about our handmade wooden beds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with
our bed 
and mattress experts, who are always on hand to help.
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