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Four Poster Bed - Summer
White (Satin) Finish
The Wooden Summer Four Poster Bed comes as the newest edition to our wooden bed range. We have designed a brand new, modern design to provide you with even more choice from our expertly handmade wooden bed range. The history of the Four Poster Bed dates back to the 16th Century, where bed size and design were a symbol of nobility and a person of high-ranking. The design..
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Four Poster Bed - Classic
Oak (Solid Hardwood) Finish
The Classic Wooden Four Poster Bed is renowned for its prestigious appearance and size, while maintaining a simple and elegant design. Originally designed in the Tudor times to protect the sleeper from drafts and insects, the Four Poster Bed is a popular option particularly for hotels and guesthouses. The Solid Scandinavian Pine provides an ideal wood type for any colou..
Four Poster Country Bed
White (Satin) Finish
  The Handmade Four Poster Country Bed  Grand in appearance, tall in stature combined with the design of the feature block and vase turned pillars, as well as the subtle detailing around the bed frame allows the Four Poster Country Bed to become a true bedroom centerpiece. You may consider dressing your Country Four Poster Bed with drape..
New Forest Four Poster Bed
Walnut (Solid Hardwood) Finish
The Stunning  Wooden New Forest Four Poster Bed Our New Forest Four Poster Bed features 4 pillars with an independent back and front frame, a unique twist to the classic design of the four poster bed, that displays the straight lines and subtle detail for a contemporary appearance. The handmade New Forest Four Poster Bed is unique and a elegant design becomes a..
Moroccan Four Poster Bed
Black (Satin Stain) Finish
The Handmade Moroccan Four Poster Bed   The black Moroccan Four Poster Bed, with the inspiration of Morocco culture and its architecture design, brings a modern twist to the conventional wooden four poster bed. With elegant smooth tapered pillars, stunning turned block-and-vase bed legs, and the grand appearance of the tall headboard makes the black..
Low Four Poster Bed
Oak ( Solid Hardwood) Finish
Our Low Four Poster bed is a modernist, updated addition to our vast range of handmade wooden four poster bed range. With the same great style and simple, subtle design as our other wooden four poster beds but with a base much lower to the ground this bed would make a beautiful addition to any room. The wooden Low Four Poster Bed frame combines two of our most popular r..
Custom Size and Alteration Add this product to your shopping cart if you wish to make a design change to your bed.  Choose the appropriate size bed to match.  Please note that this is only used for "dimension" changes (e.g. altering the length, width or height of he bed) and does not include any additional timber componants or unique alterations which would be ..

Four Poster Wooden Bed Frames

Our selection of handmade wooden four poster beds are a testament to the level of luxury we aim to achieve with every one of our bed frames. They’re sturdy, reliable and make a stunning centrepiece in any bedroom. With a contemporary design that puts a modern twist on these nostalgic four poster beds, we’ve brought a beloved part of British history into the limelight once more. The Classic Four Poster Bed brings the design most reminiscent of the four poster beds from the past. The handmade Summer Four Poster Bed is a breath of fresh air and is perfect for the warmer months while the Low Four Poster Bed is an excellent space-saving and minimalist alternative.
Each one is expertly handmade by our skilled carpenters and joiners at our workshop in Leicester, the heart of rural England. To ensure we keep to our high standard of quality for every one of our wooden four poster beds, they are all thoroughly checked before being conveniently flatpacked and shipped straight to your front door. We offer an 11 year guarantee as standard on all our handmade wooden bed frames, so you can be sure that if your bed isn’t happy, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be. With a variety of different sizes, such as the popular king size, the super king size and larger, we know we have something for you. We also offer a bespoke alteration service starting at only £55. If you have specific requirements or design changes, we can custom make your wooden bed frame to fit whatever space you need.
To add the finishing touch to your wooden bed frame, we include the option to personalise with your choice of colour. Choose from a variety of ten luxurious satin stain finishes, including finishes such as smooth black, refreshing white and classic grey, all popular choices with our customers. Our beds are made from Solid Scandinavian Pine, however if you’re looking for that extra element of luxury and a more natural looking bed, we also offer eight sustainably sourced Solid Hardwoods that you can pick from. We offer Oak, Walnut and many others, so you can get the perfect looking wooden bed frame for your bedroom.
All of our handmade wooden beds have these options in order to provide you with the utmost level of comfort, stability and a good night of sleep. We take pride in our beds, and if you ever want to know more about our wooden four poster beds, or any of our other handmade wooden beds, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0207 183 5464.


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