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Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)

Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)
Honey (Satin Stain) Finish
Mattress Not Included
Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)
Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)
Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)

Low Loft Bed (Space Saver)


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* Bed Size:

* Solid Bed Frame Finish:

* Curved Corner Legs (Optional):

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The Low Loft Bed is designed for you to make the most of the space available in your bedroom, especially where ceiling height makes it particularly tricky to choose the right bed, such as loft or attic bedrooms. With the Low Loft Bed you will not have to compromise on the modern and sleek design of the luxury handmade bed frame. This enables you to get the perfect bedroom while working within tight space restrictions.

The Low Loft Bed Is Ideal For Attic And Loft Bedrooms

The Low Loft Wooden Bed certainly lives up to its name, featuring the lowest bed frame in our wooden bed range. Ideal for tight spaces and low ceilings, the wooden frame is designed to be a perfectly snug fit in areas where space is limited. However, not only is the Low Loft Bed great for maximising space, but the wooden bed frame is likewise suited to those looking for an element of tradition and culture in their bedroom. The low design of the wooden bed frame can bring out the spacious feeling in your bedroom, a desired addition to any setting.

We’ve designed our wooden Low Loft Bed frame with efficiency at the core. As the lowest wooden bed frame, it allows for many different choices when considering alternative storage options. The Low Loft Bed provides you with that extra room above for any shelves you may install. Taking advantage of the situation where compromise is required can be fulfilling, and creating a small, private space that combines comfort and well thought-through storage is an excellent way to make use of the space that our handmade Low Loft Bed provides.

Custom Bed Options

Our Low Loft Bed is available for you to personalise by choosing from our variety of luxury finishes to compliment the Solid Scandinavian Pine. We are also able to make the wooden bed from our Solid Hardwood option, which provides a more natural look that our customers love. The Low Loft Bed can be ordered in any size from a Small Single to our exclusive 9ft by 7ft Super Caesar. Customisations for any of our wooden beds are available at only £75 depending on the scale of the alteration. Every one of our bespoke beds can be tailor made to suit your exact needs and are all made here in heart of the UK. If you require a specific set of measurements, or wish to tinker with the design of your Low Loft Bed, then our skilled and experienced team of carpenters will carry this out for you. So confident are we of delivering exceptional quality of service to you, we offer our 11 year guarantee on all our wooden beds as standard.

Similar Designs To The Low Loft Bed

Our Low Loft Wooden Bed frame takes an inspiration on the stylish designs of the  Wooden Low Oriental (Space Saver) Bed and the Low Tokyo Wooden Bed Frame. It shares the attribute of minimal height, and the style of the bed means the mattress very neatly sits on top of the frame instead of inside it, like it does with the Wooden Low Oriental Space Saver Bed Frame. Combining the height and style of the Low Tokyo Bed and the space efficient elements of the Low Oriental (Space Saver) Bed, the Low Loft Bed is designed to make the room appear more spacious, and present a comfortable centerpiece for your bedroom.

Please note mattresses, bedding and underbed storage boxes are not included with the bed frame. These can be purchased separately

Low Loft Bed Dimension and Sizes


Bed Size
2ft 6" Small Single
3ft Single
3ft 6" Petite Double
4ft Small Double
4ft 6" Standard Double
5ft King Size
5ft 6" Small Super King
6ft Super King
6ft 6" Eastern King
7ft Emperor
7ft 6" Super Emperor
8ft Caesar
9ft Super Caesar
EU Single 90 x 200cm
EU Double 140 x 200cm
EU King 160 x 200cm
EU Super King 180 x 200cm
Mattress Size
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 6" x6ft 3" 76cmx190cm
3ftx6ft 3"92cmx190cm
3ft 6"x6ft 3"106cmx190cm
4ftx6ft 3"123cmx190cm
4ft 6"x6ft 3"138cmx190cm
5ftx6ft 6"153cmx198cm
5ft 6"x6ft 6"171cmx198cm
6ftx6ft 6"183cmx198cm
6ft 6"x6ft 6"198cmx198cm
7ft 6"x7ft230cmx213cm
3ftx6ft 6"90cmx200cm
4ft 6"x6ft 6"140cmx200cm
5ft 2"x6ft 6"160cmx200cm
5ft 9"x6ft 6"180cmx200cm
Bed Frame
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 5"x6ft 3"77cm x193cm
3ft 0"x6ft 3"92cm x193cm
3ft 5"x6ft 3"107cm x193cm
4ft 1"x6ft 3"124cm x193cm
4ft 6"x6ft 3"139cm x193cm
5ft 1"x6ft 6"154cm x200cm
5ft 7"x6ft 6"172cm x200cm
6ft 1"x6ft 6"184cm x200cm
6ft 6"x6ft 6"200cm x200cm
7ft 1"x7ft 1"216cm x216cm
7ft 6"x7ft 1"231cm x216cm
8ft 1"x7ft 1"246cm x216cm
9ft 1"x7ft 1"276cm x216cm
3ft 0"x6ft 6"92cm x200cm
4ft 7"x6ft 6"142cm x200cm
5ft 3"x6ft 6"162cm x200cm
5ft 10"x6ft 6"182cm x200cm

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