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  Quilted Mattress Protectors   Our Quilted Mattress Protectors are made from cotton and polyester. This quality Quilted Mattress Protector provides a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.  The protectors are made to be durable, long lasting and to fit snug onto your mattress.  They are designed to offer an additional layer to the top of..
One of our original and best memory foam mattresses, the Classic Memory Mattress features renowned contour-hugging foam technology, alongside an additional 30mm of Memory Foam. Built upon several different foam layers to provide optimum comfort and support, the foam core and the entirety of this mattress is dust mite resistant and comes complete with a zipped, stretchab..
Classic Memory Plus Mattress
The upgraded version of our popular Classic Memory Foam Mattress, the Classic Memory Plus Mattress features the same renowned contour-hugging foam technology that made our original memory foam mattress so popular. The difference? An additional 50 mm of memory foam is added to this mattress for superior comfort and support. This, combined with several different foam layer..
Was £519 £399
You Save: £120
As the name suggests the Luxury Latex Foam Mattress makes use of the special properties that latex offers, and is naturally therapeutic and impressions resistant. With half of the mattress thickness made from latex, this luxury mattress offers maximum comfort and incredible support. Latex being similar to memory foam, this mattress is designed to provide the same suppor..

Memory Foam Mattresses From Get Laid Beds

Dreaming of drifting off to sleep on a cosy new memory foam mattress? Now you can do just that with our wide variety of memory foam mattresses. Built upon multiple layers of optimised foam, our memory foam mattresses are made with comfort and support in mind.


Why Choose A Memory Foam Mattress?


If you demand exceptional comfort and support for your body as you sleep, then a memory foam mattress is the ideal choice. The memory foam layer contours your body to restrict moment of aching limbs as your sleep, while dual layers of medium and high density foam help to boost the support given to your back and side as you sleep. Our memory foam mattresses come with a number of other innovative features to help you sleep.


  • A Luxurious Cover - Each memory foam mattress comes complete with a luxurious soft knit fabric cover. The fabric is breathable helping to your mattress fresh.

  • Specialist Bug Guard Technology - We use specialist bug guard technology on our memory foam mattresses to help prevent the buildup of dust mites on your mattress, helping your mattress stay cleaner and fresher for longer.

  • Comfortable Memory Foam Layer - A layer of memory foam is spread evenly across our memory foam mattresses to ensure even coverage and to ensure that your level of comfort is consistent across the mattress.


7 Year Warranty On Most Memory Foam Mattresses


7 Year Guarantee - As we are supremely confident in the comfort and durability of our memory foam mattresses, we are able to offer a 7 year guarantee with most mattresses in our range.


An Ideal Accompaniment To A New Wooden Bed Frame


A memory foam mattress would make the ideal accompaniment to a new wooden bed frame from Get Laid Beds. We have a great range of styles on offer, and popular beds ordered alongside this mattress include our Four Poster Bed - Classic and our Low Modern Bed. Why not get the full Get Laid Beds experience and give your mattress a durable and stylish frame to rest upon?

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