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Eco-Friendly Beds

Here at Get Laid Beds, we pride ourselves on every part of the beds we produce, especially their sustainability. We think it’s important to give back and do our part, which is why creating eco-friendl

How Are Our Beds Eco-Friendly?

At Get Laid Beds, we only create sustainable beds, and all of these eco beds are designed to last. They’re all hand crafted from 100% sustainably sourced wood, so there’s no environmental damage from the final product, or at its source.

We even go as far as to provide an 11-year guarantee on every bed, because we know we make them with eco-friendly, durable materials that will last this long and more. For example, the slats we use cover 70% of the bed’s base and are twice as thick as the industry standard to provide a strong and stable base that can hold up to 474kg; that’s the equivalent of up to five adults.

We also offer eco-friendly mattresses as well as bed frames. Our Pocket 1000 Vegan Friendly Mattress, for example, is made with a combination of fillings that includes recycled plastic. Where we can, we make sure to use environmentally friendly materials across all our products to ensure you get the soundest possible sleep.

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We Go the Extra Mile

The wood we use for our bed frames is all 100% solid wood, which we sustainably source from FSC and PEFC approved forests. We do this because we make a conscious effort to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible.

But our beds aren’t just eco beds. While we sustainably source our materials, we also give back with our tree planting project through our partnership with the International Tree Foundation (ITF).

Founded in Kenya in 1922, the ITF are aiming to plant 20 million trees by 2024. To do our bit, we plant a tree with the ITF for every bed that’s purchased at Get Laid Beds. So far, we’ve planted over 75,000 trees thanks to our sustainable beds.

Have a look at our page on the Tree Planting Project for more information about our involvement, and why we choose to support this fantastic cause with our environmentally friendly beds.

Tree Planting Project

Why Should You Buy an Eco-Friendly Bed?

Approximately 80% of furniture waste in 2017 went directly to landfill, including 50% of reusable furniture. Buying eco-friendly furniture reduces the growth of landfills, but it also has low chemical and toxin content, making it better for your personal health.

At Get Laid Beds, all of our wooden bed frames are sustainably sourced, and come under the category of eco friendly beds, regardless of their size or style.

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