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Padded Bed Headboard Cover - Triple

Padded Bed Headboard Cover - Triple
Headboard - Chrome (Fabric) Finish
Bed Not Included
Padded Bed Headboard Cover - Triple

Padded Bed Headboard Cover - Triple


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Get Laid Beds Upholstered Bed Headboard

What is the Padded Headboard Cover

The Padded Headboard Cover is an exceptional accessory for our handmade wooden beds, offering adaptable comfort and a welcoming embrace against the stresses of the day. The Padded Headboard Cover is our economic answer to the bulky, uncomfortable headboard - no more odd lumps, bumps or sharp protrusions. Compact and easy to attach, it’s perfect for support and relaxation.

Why pick the Padded Headboard Cover
The Padded Headboard Cover is expertly handmade in the UK, using a range of quality materials to deliver and exemplary product. The Padded Headboard Cover is the answer to those looking for an extra soft and comfortable headboard. All of that time spent shuffling and rearranging various pillows, cushions and more, just to find an angle that you’ll be comfortable in for an hour or two, isn’t worth it. The Padded Headboard Cover was created to solve that problem - piling pillows to cushion a harsh edge is no longer a necessity. The design of the Padded Headboard Cover was carefully considered to improve both the quality of comfort and sleep for your Get Laid Beds’ bed, perfectly accentuating the features of each bed’s headboard through its flexible design.

Which beds can I use the Padded Headboard Cover with
The Padded Headboard Cover can fit on a selection of our handmade wooden bed frames, adapting to each design with ease and fluidity. This includes the Floating Bed, the Chelsea Bed, the Kensington Bed and the Low Shoreditch Bed. Four incredible designs bed frames that can be complemented by the Padded Headboard Cover. A stylish accompaniment for a stylish collection of handmade wooden beds.
Please note the price of the Padded Headboard Cover varies according to the size of your eligble bed frame. If you're unsure if the Padded Heaboard Cover will fit your bed frame, please enquire with our friendly customer service team through email at hello@getlaidbeds.co.uk or call us on 0207 183 5464 and we can advise you.


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