A Personal Touch To Your Bed Frame

We strongly believe beds should be made personal to those who are buying them. This is why we expertly hand make each and everyone of ours to order. If you have any bespoke requirements this isn’t a problem, we’re happy to help. Each of these is made to our high quality standards, using traditional techniques such as Mortise and Tenon joints, which helps the bed remain solid. Here’s just a few of the personalisation options you can choose from for your bed.

Finish Choice

We have various different colour finish choice for you bed frame. There’s plenty of choice including both natural colours such as honey satin and as well as having more elegant options such as white, which would look stunning in any bedroom. As standard, all our beds are made from Solid Scandinavian Pine, but if you’d prefer we can make your bed from one of our Solid Hardwoods. We have the ideal finish for every bedroom.

Bespoke Adjustments

If you have a special size requirement or would like one of our wooden beds changing in some way, this is somethings that is possible through our adjustments service. We are happy to assist with any requirements you may have, such as lowering the legs and ensure that your new bed frame is perfect for you.

Additional Extras

We also have a choice of additional extras to choose from which you can add to your bed. One of these includes our felt floor protector option. This is extremely affordable and will help to protect your flooring against scratches. You can also choose to have curved corner legs, which will not only add to the visual appearance of the bed but also helps to make it safer as you walk around the room as you are less likely to catch your toe.

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