Choosing the Perfect Guest Bed for Small Spaces

By Jonathan 27 July 2022


Working with a smaller footprint when designing a guest bedroom means that you’ll want to utilise what space you have, and choosing the right bed can make a huge difference.

What to Consider when Choosing a Guest Bed

Which guest room bed you choose will largely vary based on the size and layout of the room itself. Below, we’ve outlined the features of some of our favourite space-saving guest beds for small spaces, but before you invest you should consider:

  1. The layout of your guest bedroom. Are there any angles or nooks that could affect which guest bed you choose, or where you could put it?
  2. Who will be staying in your guest bedroom. For example, an adjustable bed could be a good option for those who struggle to get in and out of bed, or need a specific angle or position to sleep, whereas bunks would be ideal for children Equally, couples would most likely share a bed, but platonic guests may prefer twin singles when sharing a room.
  3. The size of your guest bed. While guest beds are available in all sizes, you’ll need to choose one based both on the size of the room and the style of bed.
  4. Your décor. Our beds come in 17 different finishes, but which would best suit you current or new colour scheme? Would a particular finish best match existing furniture like wardrobes or bedside tables?

With these points in mind, here are our top picks of guest beds for small spaces.

The Best Guest Beds for Small Spaces

Storage Beds

Storage beds are an excellent way to make the most of the space in a guest room, doubling the use of a room that will not have someone permanently staying in it.

Beds like our ottoman storage bed (pictured) are ideal for maximum storage, utilising the full space beneath the mattress for storage, keeping your items tucked neatly out of sight in a way that your guests would never even suspect was there.

At Get Laid Beds, we also offer other storage beds that utilise under-bed space in different ways, so you can design your guest bedroom in the way that best suits you and the room you have.

Made to Measure Beds

If you’re working with a particularly small room, or one with angles and nooks that you’re finding difficult to work with, consider a made to measure bed from Get Laid Beds.

These beds are entirely bespoke and can be made specifically to fit those corners that would be perfect for a guest bed. Our made to measure feature is available in all styles, so you needn’t sacrifice features like under-bed storage for the perfect size. This is particularly handy if your guest room is an attic conversion with sloping ceilings.


Maybe the perfect solution to smaller spaces thanks to their versatility, daybeds like our modern daybed (pictured) are multi-purpose perfection. Stylish sofa by day and comfortable bed by night, our daybeds are available in multiple sizes, so you can find one for your guest bedroom regardless of whether you’re looking to sleep one guest or two.

We think these are the perfect solution for a multi-purpose room. Who says your spare room can’t be an office by weekday and guest space on weekend nights?

Daybeds are also a great option when it comes to comfort, as they are designed for everyday use and therefore have a thick cushion to lie on. If you’re concerned that this still won’t be enough for your guests, consider a mattress topper that can be easily removed and stored away for optimal comfort.


While perhaps a slightly less stylish option than the others in this list, airbeds are a great option for smaller guest bedrooms because of their collapsibility. Much like a daybed, the ability to put away an airbed means that your guest bedroom can be a multipurpose space.

Airbeds also tend to be much cheaper, giving you more budget for the rest of your room. Alternatively, you could invest in multiple sizes; with a selection of guest room beds, you can adapt the space to each guest’s needs.

Choosing Your Mattress

Some styles of bed won’t require an additional mattress, such as airbeds, daybeds, or sofa beds.

For those that do require a mattress, however, you should consider one that will be the most comfortable for the most potential guests. For this reason, we recommend a medium pocket sprung mattress like our pocket 2,000 mattress (pictured).

Medium mattresses provide the most universal level of satisfaction, being firm enough to support bodies while also ensuring comfort. The pocket sprung element also ensures even weight distribution across the bed, making it an unrivalled mattress for comfort.

Choose Your Guest Bed with Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds we provide a wide range of beds in different sizes and styles, including ones that would be perfect for guest bedrooms, even when working with limited space.

From multipurpose day beds to convenient space savers, in our range of wooden beds there’s something for everyone.

To find out more, browse our range online or get in touch with our team today.

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