Comparison of Bed sizes - UK vs EU

By Jemma 14 September 2020


From country to country, bed sizes vary. As standard, the size of a bed is actually based on the mattress size. The bed sizes sold in the UK are different to standard European sizes. These European sizes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with bedding, mattresses and bed sizes becoming easy to source. This article will discuss the differences in EU and UK bed sizes as well as what each size is good for.

The Main Difference

The biggest difference between the two size categories is that European are usually slightly bigger than their counterparts in the UK. This extra length and slightly wider width provides just a little more space to sleep in. A lot of people opt for one of these sizes because of this.

Table Comparison

UK VS Eu Sizes

Location Name Width (cm) Length (cm)
UK Single 92 190
EU EU - Single 90 200
UK Double 138 190
EU EU - Double 140 200
UK King 153 198
EU EU - King 160 200
UK Super King 183 198
EU EU - Super King 180 200

What is Each Size Good For?

Depending on your bedroom space and who’s sleeping in the bed frame, will change which size is best for you. We’ve outlined below our recommendations.

Single beds / European Single

Both sizes are great for any spare room or childrens rooms.

Double Beds / EU Double

These sizes are a popular choice for couples with limited space as well as teenagers bedrooms. The extra length offered from a European - Double is also excellent for those taller people - no more cold feet!

King Size Beds / EU King

Again, an ideal option for couples, especially if their bedroom is slightly bigger. An European - King will offer even more space and reduce disturbance distributed throughout the mattress.

Super King Size Beds / EU - Super King

The ultimate option on our list! This provides plenty of room for both to sleep in the most comfort.

All our bed frames can be purchased in both UK and EU sizes. We also supply mattresses and bedding for both, too.

Grab the perfect sized bed for you

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