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5 Under Bed Shoe Storage Ideas You’ll Adore

By Jonathan 28 March 2022


The extra space under your bed often goes to waste. Keep reading to learn our five favourite shoe storage tips and let clutter be a thing of the past.

Finding extra space to store your belongings can be a frustrating task, so consider how to best utilise the space you already have. For example, under bed shoe storage is an ideal way to avoid that extra footwear filling up the bottom of your wardrobe.

Keeping style and design at the forefront of your mind, these five storage solutions will help you make the most of the space under your bed.

1. Slide-Out Storage Boxes

Perhaps the most obvious storage option, boxes under the bed can be a classy way to organise your excess items. Slide-out drawers are a perfect way of creating cost-effective under bed shoe storage if you’re not yet ready to invest in a bed that features extra storage options.

As a perk of being its own product rather than an integrated feature, these storage boxes are also conveniently removable if you ever decide to swap them out for a more streamlined look to your bedroom.

The modern underbed storage box from Get Laid Beds is a solution to under bed shoe storage with wheels, and comes in a range of sizes so that you can tailor your storage needs to whatever best fits your pre-existing furniture.

2. Shoe Organiser Bags

A classic option, organisational canvas bags are widely available for storing your shoes. These come with pre-existing dividers that stop your shoes getting muddled in the process of moving them around, and the excess space under your bed is perfect for storing such bags.

Whilst convenient, these bags and cases are a little less subtle than other options due to their material and soft structure. This just means they might look like less of a permanent fixture to your bedroom aesthetic, so if this isn’t for you, keep reading for some of our more integrated under bed shoe storage ideas.

3. Flush drawers

Many of our beds come with built-in drawers if you prefer a flush, discreet look to your storage solutions. In the case of shoes, drawers are a great way to separate by style or occasion.

Two drawer bed styles like our platform storage bed provide the ability to keep casual styles in one and formals in the other. Alternatively, our London storage bed has one large sliding drawer so that you can keep everything together.

In either case, flush drawers are a great way to organise your shoes in a perfectly customisable and subtle way.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a stylish alternative to boxes and drawers, especially if you’re keep to flaunt an illustrious shoe collection. This method is perfect for if you just have a few pairs too many for your usual storage, so that you can keep your proudest pairs facing out into the room.

Interspersing shoes with a potted plant or two would really tie this display together, making it a statement as well as a convenient design.

5. Ottoman Storage

This style is the opposite to open shelving and therefore comes with its own set of perks. Whilst an ottoman storage bed may make its contents less immediately accessible, they are the most discreet of all storage options. Ideal for storing those special occasion shoes, ottoman storage keeps your belongings hidden from children or pets, keeping them in pristine condition. Our ottoman beds can be sized to meet your needs, but some of our most popular choices include single ottoman beds, double ottoman beds and king size ottman beds.

Find Shoe Storage Solutions with Us

Have we given you that much needed injection of inspiration? In which case, check out all our underbed storage bed options and get a start on decluttering your bedroom.

For more information about all our products, talk to the team today.

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