Get Paid to Read Your Favourite Books

By Jonathan 1 February 2023


Calling All Bookworms! It’s always been a general recommendation that reading before bed will help you sleep, but we want to put that to the test. At Get Laid Beds, we’re looking for someone who will help us find out just how helpful reading might be.

What Will You Need to Do?

We’re looking for somebody who, for two months, will take part in our study to see how reading for 30 minutes before bed affects your sleep. For the first 30 days, you’ll be asked to read for 30 minutes before bed. Then, you’ll be asked to go 30 days without reading before bed.

You’ll receive all the equipment you need from us, including a sleep-tracking watch for you to track your sleep patterns and a monthly book allowance to expense all the stories that will send you off to sleep.

We’ll hire one reader for £1,000 to enjoy 30 minutes of literary indulgence every night. All you’ll have to do is keep the sleep tracker on every night for the two-month period and fill out a form on how you think reading affected your sleep at the end of the study.

We’ll also ask that you send us images of the books you read so we can keep everyone up to date on your reading journey through Get Laid Beds’ social media. Scrolling through apps and 'reading’ social posts does not count!

What Are the Application Terms?

To apply for this role, you must legally be allowed to work in the UK, be 18 years old or over. To apply please complete this form:

Please apply by March 20th, when the successful applicant will then be contacted directly. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Get Laid Beds, please do explore our website and check us out on social media. Our wooden beds are handmade to order!

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