Handmade Beds For You

beds made by hand

All our wooden bed frames are handmade to order. These high quality beds use traditional manufacturing techniques which helps ensure their quality. We have various wooden bed designs available including our popular low bedsThese are the perfect idea for those looking for an attic conversion solution. So, why should you choose one of our handmade beds?

Manufacturing Techniques

Our use of traditional manufacturing techniques is what contributes to the high quality of your bed frame. One such method is using mortise and tenon joints which help to increase the durability of the product. This method of joining dates back thousands of years, and even today remains one of the best methods. We’re extremely proud in the quality of our bed frames and offer an 11 year guarantee with all of them.

Finish Choice

As all our handmade beds are made to order, we’re able to offer a selection of stunning finishes for you to choose from. This allows you to create something which perfectly compliments your decor. You can select from options such as honey-satin and our vintage white finish which provides a stunning bed frame every time. If you’d like, we can hand make your bed in a solid hardwood such as Oak which provides the beautiful aesthetics of a natural looking bed frame.

Sizing Options

All our handmade beds can be purchased in a range of different sizes, so whatever the available space, you can get the perfect fitting bed frame. We even have our magnificent Super Caesar size, which is an impressive 9ft wide. If one of our standard sizes isn’t right for you, then we’re happy to help make bespoke adjustments so your new bed will fit snugly into where you require. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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