Rustic Bedroom Décor: How Wooden Bed Frames Can Create A Cosy Space

By Jonny Haskins 25 March 2024


By their very nature, interior design trends come and go. From minimalism to brutalist interior design, no one trend stays for long.

One trend, however, that has been on the rise for some time, is rustic design. Rustic offers a perfect blend of both cosiness and modernity, allowing homeowners to indulge in a relaxing space that isn’t completely void of tech and modern creature comforts. 

A common part of rustic design is wooden furniture. Being a quintessentially natural material, wooden furniture (including wooden bed frames), encapsulates everything that rustic design means – cosy, comfortable, and functional. 

In this article, we’ll explain how you too can reap the benefits of this aesthetic in your home, with these rustic bedroom ideas.

Make Use of Layers

Layering is key with rustic design. When using neutral tones and muted colours, it’s hard to make a splash with visual details. After all, the point of rustic design is to keep things simple.

By using layers in your design process, you can inject subtle signs of life into your space. Not only does this keep your space feeling alive, but it gives you extra freedom to experiment with different materials. 

For example, you could try blending chunky blankets with thin-pile rugs, adding one on top of the other instead of just relying on one focal point. 

Small details and features like this will really tie your rustic design together, providing that “perfectly imperfect” essence that goes down such a treat.

Reuse and Recycle

Often, furniture makers will attempt to give their pieces a faux-rustic appearance by intentionally causing damage and using blemish-prone materials. Just like how luthiers intentionally beat up their guitars for that “stage worn” appearance, or you may buy jeans that are distressed or bleached, rustic furniture will sometimes undergo artificial use thanks to sandpaper, poor painting skills, and a significant amount of stress to achieve that desired rustic look.

Paradoxically, this shabby chic treatment can cause price points to rise significantly. But, what if there was a better way? Luckily, there is. The used market holds an abundance of pre-loved furniture that shows just the right signs of use without falling into “faulty” territory. 

Reclaimed wood, old side tables, and used luggage cases, are all great candidates to help establish that rustic vibe.

Warm, Earthy Tones

Rustic, by its very nature, is a design logic that’s grounded in neutral colours, like browns, beiges, and whites.

To really conform your space to the requirements of rustic design, we suggest heavily diving into an earthy aesthetic by introducing neutral colours. We understand that painting an entire wall brown may feel a bit risky, especially if you’ve never experimented with unusual colours before. In which case, start with a little, and work your way up.

Panelling, for example, is a nice way to blend two different colours together on one wall. You can have the wood panelling in one colour (brown, for argument’s sake), and then paint the rest of your wall in a brighter colour to offset things a bit.

What Are Rustic Bed Frames?

With these design aspects in mind, you may be wondering what kind of bed to pair with your new rustic haven. The answer, of course, is a rustic bed frame. But what exactly is a rustic bed frame?

Given that bed frames can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles (especially when you choose a made to order bed from us), a rustic bed frame is simply one of those many styles you can choose from.

Benefits of rustic beds include larger-than-life pieces of wood to construct the frame, with very subtle imperfections here and there to create a worn, familiar style that shows its strength.

How Are Rustic Bed Frames Made?

Rustic bed frames are made in much the same way as other bed frames. High-quality parts, some joinery magic here and there, and voila; you have a rustic bed frame.

While modern bed frames are built with outward-facing fasteners and bolts, you’ll rarely see these on the outside of a rustic bed frame. Instead, rustic bed frames tend to heavily lean towards the use of joinery to fasten different parts of the frame. This negates a lot of the need for screws and bolts.

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