Standard Bed Frame -vs- Space Saver

If space in your home is a little tight then check out our great range of Space Saver Beds!

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a new bed. For most people it is the largest thing in the bedroom and this can mean that space is often compromised. At Get Laid Beds we don’t believe this has to be the case!  Whilst we offer a great choice of Standard Frames to suit any bedroom, our range of Space Saving Beds come in really handy too – especially for those with limited or restricted room sizes (such as loft conversions or box rooms) and is the reason many people choose us to hand build their next bed.

Many customers ask what the differences are between a Standard and Space Saver frame so this Blog will help you identify which one is right for your needs. The clue may be in the name but the main difference between them is our Space Saver bed frames are slightly smaller than their Standard alternative but still take the same sized mattress; with the Space Saver frames no more than 3cm wider than the mattress. This can make all the difference to those with fitted wardrobes or smaller room dimensions.

The second main difference is aesthetic – the mattress would ordinarily rest within the frame of our standard wooden bed where the mattress instead lays on top of the frame in a Space Saver. One of our most popular frames is the Low Oriental Space Saver.  This can give the Space Saver a different look and feel. And if you are looking to buy two beds to push together to create a larger sleeping space then our White Knight Space Saver is ideal.

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