The Grandeur Of The Classic Four Poster Bed Frame

We have various different wooden bed frames to choose from in our collection. These include low beds perfect for loft and attic conversions and four poster beds frames, ideal for making a statement in your bedroom. One such bed is our classic four poster which will give any bedroom a regal, elegant feel.

The Four Poster Bed – Classic

The Four Poster Bed Classic is a design known for its grandeur appearance. Four Poster Beds were first introduced during the Tudor times when they were used to protect the sleeper from draughts. It was during this time the size of your bed represented your position in the hierarchy and even today a four poster bed is seen as a grand and luxurious option. This fashionable bed is  available in a choice of colours including the dark natural cinnamon and our elegant white satin finish.

High Quality With Custom Options

If you’d like, we can alter the bed to your requirements. We’re happy to make a custom size or make an adjustment to the design, such as the height of the main bed frame for you. The Four Poster – Classic can be bought in a variety of colour finishes, or can be chosen to be expertly made in a solid hardwood such as Oak or Walnut.

Each and every four poster bed is handmade to order by our experienced team of craftsmen. They have many many years of combined experience and all take great care to ensure your bed frame is finished to the standard we aim to provide. All our beds are made using traditional techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, a method of joining two pieces of wood which has been trusted for thousands years, first being used in wells as far back as the bronze age.

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