The Three Steps to Luxury Bed Styling

By Adam 11 March 2022


Decorating the bed can be a divisive topic. While many find it hard to see the merit in making your bed look special when ‘it all ends up on the floor’, others argue that a well-styled bed ties the whole room together.

Whichever side of the argument you’re on, this piece will educate you on how to style a bed and provide you with a load of inspiration to keep those design juices flowing.

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Get The Foundations Right

Firstly, it’s important to get a clear idea of what you want your bed to look like.

Take some time to experiment with colour schemes and sample materials on a mood board to get a real feel for the combination you like.

The key with any bed aesthetic is to make it stand out, but for the right reasons, so the colour palette and patterns should work together rather than clash.

Always consider the surrounding colours on your walls and flooring, and make sure you come up with a few options, as naturally, you won’t have the same look every week.

Once you have a strong idea of what you want, it then comes down to three simple elements.

1) The Pillows and Cushions

So, you’ve gone out and got yourself the patterns, colours and sets that are going to form the look of your bed.

Then you get to the age-old question: pillows in or outside the duvet?

In the very best hotels, you’re likely to always see pillows outside the duvet, so for the crispiest look, we recommend following suit.

Then, when it comes to cushions, we recommend going for two pairs, both propped upright against your pillows facing into the room, so the colours and patterns are easily visible.

The amount of pillows may be a point of contention with your partner, but for a truly finished article, you can’t avoid having a good set of cushions.

2) The Duvet

When working out how to style a bed with a duvet, keep it simple. The duvet is where you’ll show off the most colour, so not much needs to be done here.

Just be sure that to flatten out as many wrinkles as possible, either by tucking everything in or ironing before use.

If you don’t want to tuck it underneath the pillows, use a reversible duvet. Simply fold the top back over itself, exposing the other pattern.

3) The Throws

Your throws are the true finishing touches to your bed’s look. When working out how to layer a bed for summer, throws can’t afford to be overlooked.

To make your place of rest feel truly luxurious, one or two throws on top can make everything stand out while maximising that cosy feel.

Colours and textures are worth playing around with here too, as there are plenty of options out there.

Contrasting the texture, we find, is a sure fire way of creating that luxurious look in your room.

Throws can also be a great blanket hybrid for the colder months, so consider how practical they are, as well as how they look.

Looking to Change Your Look?

For any bedroom aesthetic to work, you’ve got to get the right bed structure in place.

Our wooden bed frames are fully customisable, so not only will they fit to your dream aesthetic now, they will stand the test of time until you’re ready to change things up again.

Talk to our friendly team today and let’s make your dream bed look a reality.

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