Traditional Bed Designs

Traditional beds

With such a vast range of bed frames, Get Laid Beds offers plenty of choice for your next bed. Some of these are modern while others are more traditional bed designs. These are all handmade to order and take inspiration from classic designs which have proven very popular over the years.

Classic Bed

The handmade Classic Bed is almost a rustic tribute to the traditional styles and methods of British bed making. This wooden bed frame takes inspiration from the beds of old England and also features a small curved headboard that even today proves very popular. This frame from our traditional bed designs looks very aesthetically pleasing in our natural looking finish such as honey satin and cinnamon.

Traditional Country Bed

Our Traditional Country Bed is a truly beautiful looking bed frame that would work perfectly in a cottage setting. This classic style frame also features curved headboard and footboard which was so popular in older beds. This adds additional support for those who enjoy sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. The design a true tribute to British carpentry and the roots of our company. There is also plenty of room underneath the bed itself for underbed storage.

Handmade To Order

As all our traditional bed designs are made to order we’re able to offer a range of customisation options. Each bed can be stained in your choice of colour to achieve the result you’re after. Some of the key ones we offer are our natural looking honey satin and our elegant white. If you’d prefer you can get your bed carefully crafted in a hardwood finish such as Oak. If you need adjustments made such as the bed lowering then we’re also happy to assist with these changes. Your bed should be just right for you.

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