What Makes a Good Bed?

By Jonathan 11 September 2020


This is probably something you don’t even think about until the time to buy a new bed comes. However, choosing the right frame is something that should certainly be considered. The quality of a bed frame varies and can depend on the materials and construction methods used to name a few.

Why Does This Matter?

For The Best Night's Sleep

Sleep is obviously very important. Not enough of it can affect our day to day life.  A common misconception is the quality of sleep is solely dependent on the quality of your mattress. While the right mattress is incredibly important, a solid bed frame is too. Too much movement can cause a restless night's sleep.

To Be Long Lasting

A sturdy bed frame will last much longer too. The movement that is commonly found in poorly built beds causes deterioration overtime, until the frame eventually breaks.

What Affects The Quality of a Bed?

Solid Materials Used

One such contributing factor towards a good bed is the materials used. As a manufacturer, we’re committed to quality. We only use 100% solid wood in all our bed frames.

Super Strong Slats

The majority of the support offered comes from the core strength of the slats. If these are poor quality then it will affect the overall performance of the bed. We use twice as thick & wide slats than industry standard. Each is screwed into place to ensure a solid foundation and a comfortable night's sleep. Our beds can support up to 75 stone in weight.

Manufacturing Methods

All our beds are handmade to order, with a focus on quality. Our qualified craftsmen check each component to ensure a durable bed frame every time. We use a range of tried and tested methods in bed designs that have been carefully refined over time.

Adding The Right Mattress

The right mattress matters too, of course. Whether you’re after a memory mattress or a pocket sprung, we have plenty of options available. The right comfort levels combined with the perfect bed frame guarantees the best night sleep.

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