What Makes Low Beds So Great?

Our customers have plenty of reasons to love our low beds. They provide many benefits that are excellent for various different situations. We have multiple different designs available, so there is something for everyone.

Low Beds For Low Ceilings
Your low beds are great for situations where a standard height frame can be too high for the room. These type of ceilings are commonly found in attic or loft conversions. Our low bed frames will comfortably fit into these awkward spaces, providing a solid and comfortable sleeping surface.

Safer For Children
A low bed frame is also much safer for a child’s bedroom. Their low height means that if a child rolls out during the night they’re a lot less likely to injure themselves as the floor is much less. It’s also a whole lot easier for them to independently get in and out with our various low beds sitting so close to the floor.

Make A Room Appear More Spacious
Our low beds can also help any bedroom appear more spacious. Very often, people put a bed frame in their room which has a bulky headboard, which becomes overpowering to the rest of the room.. This is what instantly catches your eye when you walk into the room, and can sometimes give the bedroom an almost cluttered feel. A low bed will help for a subtle style

All our bed frames are handmade to order. This means we’re able to offer a range of different colour finishes for our low beds. These range from our natural looking honey satin to our elegant white option. We also sell hardwood options such as solid oak and walnut which provide a very natural and aesthetically pleasing look.  If you wish to have bespoke adjustments made this service is available too, starting at just £75.

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