Why Buy A Single Bed Frame?

Single Bed Frame

Along with our vast selection of wooden bed frames, we have a range of different sizes to choose from upon order. One of our popular options is the single bed frame. So, what exactly makes the humble single bed so popular?

A Bed For Children

A single bed frame is a great choice for a child’s bedroom. Their small size makes them ideal for younger children who are beginning to grow. This great bed size will see them through into their teen years without it losing it’s comfortable appeal. If you’re after a bed option which is safe for those younger children then we highly recommend looking at our single low bed frames. As these sit closer to the floor they provide a safer sleeping environment for young children who could fall from bed.

A Guest Bed Solution

A single bed frame is also the perfect guest room solution, especially if you’re short on space. A single bed frame is a small size, meaning a huge bedroom isn’t essential. If you do need that extra space however, we suggest buying a single space saver bed frame. This is a design which allows for the same sleeping space as a single bed, while reducing the overall footprint of the frame to save those vital few inches. This makes it ideal for those guest bedrooms which are tight on space but still require a comfortable sleeping solution for those coming over to stay.

Quality Handmade Wooden Beds

All our beds, including our single beds, are handmade to order. Great care is taken which each and everyone to ensure it is high quality and built to last. You can select from a range of different colour or hardwood options so your bed can be personal to you and is just the way you want

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